Step 9: Finished

 Run some lacing through the arm piece and  now the shield is done.
I like the concept of making a shield with leather strappings and stuff...but I'm not sure why you have fur on the face of your shield...fur is good as a cushion for your arm in the back but it seems a terrible idea to put it on the front...<br>Also, you want a shield to be as least clumsy as possible. Having hefted a few shields myself, I can tell you the more wood/leather you put on...the more uncomfortable and less practical it gets
<p>Dude,</p><p>Its a Functional Viking Barbarian Bling Shield. Yes its heavier than I like but the last time I had to heft it against a pack of rogue berserker Orcs I came out on top. Still got some Goblin on me spike too....... </p>
Thats a pretty cool shield. Its a little barbarianish to be considered viking but would definately be a great feature piece for a wall or mantlepiece.<br><br>This is also an awesome instructional on how to make a shield. Its a little easier to understand and has diagrams. Also it is an authentic type shield. :)<br><br>http://norsearmsandarmour.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-to-make-viking-shield.html
My compliments on a truly well done 'ible. this is clear and concise, and would easily be adaptable to a fully combat-grade shield, simply by employing armor-grade leather and iron strapping in place of the hide and bridle leather, and using metal for the knots and spike. Once again, congrats on a truly excellent 'ible!
Thank you, You are absolutely right about the strapping. I guess this ended up being more of a functional &quot;Ceremonial Shield&quot; Than a true battle piece.<br>
yes, but it is still remarkably well done, and ends in a beautiful finished product.
The sheild is not very viking looking, trust me im from V&auml;ster&aring;s. But most people do actully think that vikings look that way, If you actually consider making a helmet please make it look like the real deal Vikingahj&auml;lm http://spqr.se/pictures/products/helmets/med_h26_2.jpg. It looks very nice though like it came directly from a fantasy movie
Yes We Silly Americans with our pre-conceived viking notions. Perhaps it would have been more traditional making it out of a mead barrel. Free license reigns in the realms of ignorance. I still like it...
Even thoug its not quite &quot;historiskt r&auml;tt&quot; its a pleasure for the eye to gaze upon and dream that I one day would make one my own, but then more &quot;vikingish&quot;. <br>Great Job
Great workmanship !&nbsp; The spike and the celtic decorations may not be historically correct, but the Vikings were piratesand could very well have&nbsp;looted those items&nbsp;from their victims&nbsp;and decorated their shields with them.&nbsp; Your next project should be a Viking helmet.<br /> <br /> Best Wishes
As Per Your Request The&nbsp; Leather Scale Maille Vendl Helm &nbsp; Will Be Posted Soon.<br />
is this a period viking design?<br />
This is not a true &quot;period&quot; viking design. The Vikings would have used a mead barrel instead of a wine barrel. The screw in spike was adapted from a Scottish Targe and the woven knots are Celtic.&nbsp; I probably should change the tags for the purists in the audience.<br />
great idea.. but its no where near a viking shield.. sorry
&nbsp;this looks&nbsp;awesome!!!!! i so want to make it!!!!!&nbsp;
Um...<br /> <br /> Not to sound pretentious or anything, but where do you find an old wine barrell?&nbsp; I dont know about where you are from, but wine barrells arent exactly just laying in the gutter where I live.&nbsp; Where did you get yours?<br /> <br /> Nice ible btw :)<br />
I Found Mine. Failing that, the plywood mentioned in the beginning works just as well. The cross bar could be made from any wood.<br />
sweet this will make a good addition to my viking arsenel i made a hammer styled like the one in your previous ible and i also have a large wood cleaver that i got for an axe
Send me some pix. Love to see what you did.<br />
A lot of work but really spectacular results, nicely done &quot;ible&quot; as well
the only shield (that I know of) with a spike is a scottish targe<br />
You are (possibly) historically correct. A little free license never hurts though. <br />
That's just freaking cool. 5 stars.<br />

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