Step 2: Make Your Lower Frame, Upper Frame, and Join Them Together

i created the frame.. i made sure i accounted for the 1/4 inch the tri-ply wood takes on the sides.. so essentially this frame is 1/2 inch smaller that wood is gonna cover it.. i tried to illustrate what the wood on top would look like with the blue lines.

after the top and the lower part is made.. i united them using 4 piece of wood... made the middle part.. and got ready to cover it up
&nbsp;&nbsp; First note: I voted for this. It's a truly beautiful asymmetrical design, with <em>lots</em> of&nbsp; storage space.<br> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp; Being a fledgling builder, I think I'd go for a non-drawer approach myself; close tolerances give me a rash.<br> &nbsp;&nbsp; I like the idea of a moveable center section, and might build on that idea. Perhaps a Frank Lloyd Wright sort of <em>tensegrity</em> top section, using the center part to provide 'hidden' support. The center section could also be a three-walled upside-down 'u' shape for more storage and a simpler build.<br> &nbsp;&nbsp; I like the idea of making it black. Maybe some dark brown for the top surfaces.<br> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp; What I like most about this project is that it really makes me think!<br> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp; By 'vending', do you mean 'bending', or something else?
I meant to say bending .. And s you can see by my other comment I need to double check my writting specially when I'm tired lol
I like the tension idea and the U idea.. If i didnt need storage i would definetly do a solid piece.. The bottom piece was meant to be solid.. But I needed more storage so I went back and modify it.. I kinda liked it when it was a bit solid piece with the only drawermin the middle<br><br>If I was to redo it.. I would probably do 45 angle cuts for a cleaner design but I would need a table saw... I would also treat the wood before staining it... And I would use a stain and then a sealer.. For some reason they don't have a polymer sealer mixed with a stain in a black color.. The closest they have to it is a dark cherry like the one I used in my shoe cabinet.. So I went with a polymer wood paint...<br><br>The great thing about this method that is very cheap and I probably could go back and make a new one without hurting too much :)<br><br>Thanks for the feed back and thanks for the vote <br><br>
awesome, really cool. what program did you use to model it?
I used Maya for instructional purposes.. I designed it in paper but they look like chicken scratches and made cuts n measurements in the fly.. However in order to make it a good instructable I went back and remade it in Maya . <br><br>Thanks for the feed back

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