Hello Everyone Today im going to show you how to make a iPod Portable Stand.
Any iPod Will Work Not Just my iPod's Except iPod Shuffle!

Step 1: What You Need

Things You Need:
A Clip (Large)
iPod (Again Any Kind)
2 Rubber Bands
The Little White Mini iPod Holder (Comes With iPod When Bought)

Step 2: Holder and Clip

First Clip The Clip Onto The Holder Like So.

Step 3: Rubber Bands

Take The Rubber Bands And Rap Them Around The Edges Of The Clip like so.

Step 4: Set IPod in and Done!

Put your iPod in and your done! Have Fun if you have anything you want me to make email me at spongebob.brandon@gmail.com And in the subject type instructables and if you tell me your name i will give you 99.9% Credit (I get 1% credit because I posted it) So Please email me!
Another idea... PORTABLE.- "Single Decker" just using a MiniDV Cassette case, fits as a glove (I'm using a Classic, but touchs, even iPhones, fits great. DESK.- "Double Decker", in this case, I did the base with two cassette's cases, fixed with tape, and just a little cut in one base to insert the plug... I hope this can be useful.

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