This instructable shows how to make a top with a paperclip easy to make and really cheap

Step 1: Materials

This is my first instructable so i hope you like it

The materials:
1 big paperclip (I strongly recomend use colred ones they look nicer)

1 permanent marker or sharpie
Long nose pliers
Something to make the paperclip round (i used a wide and broad marker)
punkrules this is very easy to make jus look carefully
u mean bend
cool idea
Ya the pics are pretty blurry... But nice idea!
this is a cool instructable but your pictures are blurry which means i can't get the full idea of how the paperclips are to look like. i tried just now to make the top and it came out all messed up cause i don't know exactly what to do. it's a bit confusing. can you post clearer pictures?
is this the one on kipkay? if it is then it is the only instrctions that ive found
this is cool dude
this is cool dude
but using colored paper clips are more flimsier, and you want stiff ones.
These kind of paperclips are metal, they just have colored material on the outside
camras blury
any1 know how to make one of those tops that spins on top of an electromagnet or somethin and will spin for just about ever?
i made ones like these before i saw this instructable on school when i was bored (happens a lot during school) and evry one liked them!
can u make steps 7-10 clearer in ur next instructable
can u make it with solder wire
you don't have a paperclip?
i do but im just asking
That's really cool. Neat idea!
couldnt you just use it as a normal paper clip though?
Takao Sakai, professor of mechanical engineering at the<br/>Fukushima Technology Center in Kohriyama-City in Japan came up with this top.<br/>I wrote mt thesis on them:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://people.ucsc.edu/~jfrieder/Thesis.pdf">http://people.ucsc.edu/~jfrieder/Thesis.pdf</a><br/>
this is from kipkay on metacafe
did u get this from kipkay from metacafe?
There is a better top at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grand-illusions.com/articles/paper_clip_top/">http://www.grand-illusions.com/articles/paper_clip_top/</a><br/>It even has a video, history, and a diagram.<br/>
its well good
The COG looks off center.
Im The dude who did this Thanks for the comments the blue one its one of the worst tops i did this will help me improving for the next instructable Thanks
I Like it!
actualy they might not be...
its lopsided though D:

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