Introduction: Make a Nice and Cheap Paperclip Top

This instructable shows how to make a top with a paperclip easy to make and really cheap

Step 1: Materials

This is my first instructable so i hope you like it

The materials:
1 big paperclip (I strongly recomend use colred ones they look nicer)

1 permanent marker or sharpie
Long nose pliers
Something to make the paperclip round (i used a wide and broad marker)

Step 2: "Unroll " the Paper Clip

make the paperclip as flat as possible

Step 3: Center the Clip in the "rounding Thing"

hold by the center and with one of your fingers th paperclip in the thing you chose to make it round

Step 4: Bend It in a U-shape

The ends of the paperclip MUST be equal

Step 5: Twist It Until It Forms a Cricle

They will form a circle Or maybe A ohm sign

hold it until the next step

Step 6: Mark the Center

use the Permanent marker for this step

Step 7: Hold With the Pliers the Point You Marked in the Last Step

The images are blurry , but you can see the pliers holding the marked point

Step 8: Now Bed the Extra Part to Thecenter of Paperclip

using other pair of pliers or your fingers

Step 9: Twist the Ends of the Paperclip

twist the down part up And the up part down

Step 10: Bend the Ends of the Clip Up and Down So Both Will Form a "L" Shape

use the pliers for this step

Step 11: Congratulations

now You've finished your top , now make lots of them and play with your friends or $ale them so you can make business with almost nothing

Thanks for choosing my instructable

Wait for more DIY stuff

Step 12: Twist the Ends of the Paperclip

twist the down part up And the up part down


Jaxton+Maez made it!(author)2013-08-18


naruto31719 made it!(author)2009-10-10

punkrules this is very easy to make jus look carefully

Coolboyme made it!(author)2009-08-13

u mean bend

lora_raines%28%3A made it!(author)2009-05-14

cool idea

LilPurpleCow made it!(author)2009-04-11

Ya the pics are pretty blurry... But nice idea!

punkrules made it!(author)2009-02-16

this is a cool instructable but your pictures are blurry which means i can't get the full idea of how the paperclips are to look like. i tried just now to make the top and it came out all messed up cause i don't know exactly what to do. it's a bit confusing. can you post clearer pictures?

phoenixthegenius made it!(author)2009-01-01

is this the one on kipkay? if it is then it is the only instrctions that ive found

vog made it!(author)2008-12-21

this is cool dude

acaz93 made it!(author)2008-12-21


vog made it!(author)2008-12-21

this is cool dude

mashedpotato13 made it!(author)2008-08-18

but using colored paper clips are more flimsier, and you want stiff ones.

llamadood88 made it!(author)2008-10-12

These kind of paperclips are metal, they just have colored material on the outside

hippyland2 made it!(author)2008-11-13

camras blury

geeklord made it!(author)2008-10-05

any1 know how to make one of those tops that spins on top of an electromagnet or somethin and will spin for just about ever?

firefighter1333 made it!(author)2008-06-30

i made ones like these before i saw this instructable on school when i was bored (happens a lot during school) and evry one liked them!

ccpizza77 made it!(author)2008-06-12

can u make steps 7-10 clearer in ur next instructable

I+MAKE+STUFF made it!(author)2007-09-02

can u make it with solder wire

pocketwatch made it!(author)2007-11-15

you don't have a paperclip?

I+MAKE+STUFF made it!(author)2008-04-15

i do but im just asking

Soileau made it!(author)2008-02-15

That's really cool. Neat idea!

humangravitron made it!(author)2007-11-13

couldnt you just use it as a normal paper clip though?

Gonzo+Physicist made it!(author)2007-09-25

Takao Sakai, professor of mechanical engineering at the
Fukushima Technology Center in Kohriyama-City in Japan came up with this top.
I wrote mt thesis on them:

iKill made it!(author)2007-04-19

this is from kipkay on metacafe

pooboy made it!(author)2007-03-06

did u get this from kipkay from metacafe?

randName made it!(author)2006-12-09

There is a better top at
It even has a video, history, and a diagram.

bic_man made it!(author)2006-11-06

its well good

Ian01 made it!(author)2006-09-27

The COG looks off center.

acaz93 made it!(author)2006-09-18

Im The dude who did this Thanks for the comments the blue one its one of the worst tops i did this will help me improving for the next instructable Thanks

Neodudeman made it!(author)2006-09-18

I Like it!

theRIAA made it!(author)2006-09-17

actualy they might not be...

Fireinthedisco made it!(author)2006-09-17

its lopsided though D:

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