Make "Coffee" from Acorns (Roasting Ersatz Coffee)

video Make "Coffee" from Acorns (Roasting Ersatz Coffee)
How to make "coffee" from acorns (AKA ersatz coffee). No decaf process is necessary - it's naturally caffeine free. Roasting the "coffee" produces a wonderful aroma. The taste is delicious but difficult to define. Perhaps an approximation is to describe it as something between coffee and chocolate - maybe approximating a caramel flavor.
tvds110 months ago
Survival guides say that you have to soak acorns prior to ingesting them in order to reduce tannic acid to palatable levels.
Adeldor (author)  tvds110 months ago
Hi tvds1,
When making acorn flour or such - yes. However, soaking is not necessary when roasting as seen in this video. The tannins are converted/destroyed. The resulting "coffee" is not bitter at all.