Introduction: Make Aluminum Foil Armor

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OK it has alot more uses than its name, like scales, plates, and as I said ARMOR. NOTE: This instructable will have alot of updates so check back every little while.

Step 1: Material List

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Things you will need to make your "foil thing":

1. Foil (of course)
2. Shoe and foot
3.Rubber mallet (better alternative to a shoe)
4.Hand with good grip
5.Super strong assistant(preferably a monkey) Hey! where'd he go!!

Step 2: Getting It Ready

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First you need to crumple the aluminum into a compressed little ball. Notice how small I made a foot of foil into, about an inch and a half ball!

Step 3: Compression

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In this part you compress the foil ball. A good method is putting the ball on a flat surface(tile or cement preferably) and slamming your foot on it really hard(but you need the shoe on). The better way after you squish it is to take the mallet and hitting it. My ball after it was squished by my shoe I used the mallet and it went from half an inch to 3 millimeters. This was not listed but you can use a vice too.

Step 4: Product

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You can use this for armor and things like that. It really lessened a knuckle punches hit. I'm working on a vacuum former to make shells to go around the plates. I'm going to attempt to make paint ball armor out of it after a few tests. The rest is still to be updated, check back soon.......


coleblaze402 (author)2015-04-07

that seems more reasonable

coleblaze402 (author)2015-04-07

How about you just strap a pillow to yourself and jump of the empire state building

TheScientist (author)2008-01-15

how much does each piece weigh? (presumably that would be the practical use of it over steel!)

cool idea for paintball armour too :) I admit I was originally thinking "what's aluminium armour going to stop?" but it's sure stop paintballs (or BB's for that matter... although they might embed)

my only criticism of your instructable is that a couple of the pictures could do with you using a flash (or take it outside during daylight)

oh yeah, and it's "Aluminium" not aluminum! silly americans! ;-)

before people jump on that, I know both spellings are considered appropriate, just nobody else in the world (especially not the scientific world) uses it.

jakezcop (author)TheScientist2008-03-07

hey polocks spell bad to!

Grey_Wolfe (author)jakezcop2008-07-15

hehe "polocks spell bad" The statement is proof in itself. lol Mr Smith is right, even though aluminium was the original term for it. Lazy American slange hits the books and becomes official. We're good at that kind of stuff. lol

GraceB6 (author)Grey_Wolfe2015-02-22

hay, me is smart, two!

(those mistakes, including homophones, are intentional)

bigjeff5 (author)Grey_Wolfe2011-11-10

The name was coined in 1808 as "Alumium" by English chemist Sir Humphry Davey. He later amended it to "Aluminum", which is how the Americans say it.

In 1812, British editors further amended it to "Aluminium", and it remains the version the British use.

Thus, nobody uses the original word, but Americans use an older version than the English.

"Aluminium, for so we shall take the liberty of writing the word, in preference to aluminum, which has a less classical sound. ["Quarterly Review," 1812]"

Silly Brits, always gotta sound snooty even when a Brit coins a term.

John Smith (author)TheScientist2008-01-16

In the UK and other countries using British spelling, only aluminium is used. In the United States, the spelling aluminium is largely unknown, and the spelling aluminum predominates.[12][13] The Canadian Oxford Dictionary prefers aluminum, whereas the Australian Macquarie Dictionary prefers aluminium. The spelling in virtually all other languages is analogous to the -ium ending. -Wikipedia Another cool thing would be to cast aluminum plate armor for paintball/airsoft...hmmm, I need to fire up my foundry!

x z i t (author)John Smith2010-04-09

its the english language that is messed up also, yea do the foundry. i did it, its a lot of fun, but it takes lots of time and some money

GraceB6 (author)x z i t2015-02-22

Oh, and you're not speaking English now? What language is "also"? or "fun"? lol

daelans (author)John Smith2009-10-03

wait, aluminium, isnt that the er thing on the table. the periods table or whatever.

GraceB6 (author)daelans2015-02-22

periodic table

nutsandbolts_64 (author)daelans2010-03-05

no, it's not "er", it's "al" after alumin... and it's called the periodic table.

(note: alumin... is what I used to not restart the debate up there about alumin(i)um foil) 

bigjeff5 (author)nutsandbolts_642011-11-10

If you want to feel super superior, call it alumium. That was the original word, it was then changed to aluminum, then again to aluminium.

The US and Canada both use the older* aluminum than the more recent British aluminium.

*Four years older is still older!

jakezcop (author)John Smith2008-03-07

ur to smart! my brain hurts now!

Jesusfreak101 (author)jakezcop2008-08-16

That or you're too dumb. (lol just kidding)

GraceB6 (author)TheScientist2015-02-22


"[oh yeah, and it's "Aluminium" not aluminum! silly americans!"]


oh yeah, and it can be "Aluminium" OR aluminum! silly TheScientist! ;-)

Oops, typed that out before I read the last part. I just thought it was too good to throw away, so here it is. ;)

PKTraceur (author)TheScientist2009-03-02

Actually, many (Sane? Smart? Different? Yeah thats it..) Americans do use aluminium. Lest, I do... -RoAr

temp (author)PKTraceur2009-03-02

americans say TIN foil. I really don't know why.

daelans (author)temp2009-10-03

about that, i was at a camp one time, like summer camp, and there was a theme thing for a day and it was knights and armor and swords and bows and stuff and there were these people who made it out of tin foil and whenever we said tin foil theyd flip out and be like "NO ITS ALUMINUM FOIL" and crap, whats the difference?

temp (author)daelans2009-10-06

Tin was used a long time ago. That's about it.

me835 (author)temp2009-04-12

its because before aluminum was practical, tin was used instead. i may be wrong about the 'practical' thing, but the tin-before-aluminum thing is correct. the name just stuck

mcguyverzboss (author)me8352009-05-09

I think people say tin foil for the same reason they call tissues Kleenex. It's just a brand name their use to hearing. Like you said back then they only used tin foil.

dunnos (author)mcguyverzboss2009-06-23

i know another one of those! Dremel!

Lego man (author)TheScientist2008-01-16

Yeh it was dark outside so I couldent use daylight. but I will in my updates.

curvy77 (author)2012-09-19

(sigh) so many people make good instructables for this, but not one for how to make armor from liquid aluminum to mold casting. T-T. O well, let trial (and major error) commence!! btw great instructable.

PossessedPanda (author)2011-06-26

About how much aluminum foil do you need to make scales/armor for the whole chest and back? (Covering All Surfaces)

DustyJK (author)PossessedPanda2012-08-18

how much aluminum foil if a blacksmith could a blacksmith smith if a blacksmith could smith effective aluminum platebody

btw there are now whitesmiths bluesmiths (although there are blue smurf) what am i talking about i forget

Clayton H. (author)2009-03-18

Yea, but can it stop a .22 centerfire cartridge traveling at 2400–3000 fps Hmmm?

That Hamster (author)Clayton H.2011-06-29

Ok. The .22 cartridge is a RIMFIRE cartridge. There is no such thing as a .22 CENTERFIRE cartridge. Oh yeah and pktraceur, the smallest bullet is the 2mm pinfire round. It packs about as much punch as a fairly sluggish airsoft gun.

DustyJK (author)That Hamster2012-08-18

first centerfire .22 rounds are out there
second they aren't that common
third rimfire.22 round are extremly common
fourth give me some homemade armour to stop a 357 sig
fifth buy a loom and lots of kevlar fishing line (braid)
sixth get to weaving
seventh if you found this educational and comical press 1 now

bigjeff5 (author)That Hamster2011-11-10

Your understanding of rifle calibers is incredibly deficient. The .22 centerfire is probably the most common rifle round in the world.

Educate yourself, man.

PKTraceur (author)Clayton H.2009-05-09

Dude, it's compressed food-grade aluminium, WTH do you expect? (Maybe If I add a steel plate...) -PKT

Clayton H. (author)PKTraceur2009-05-11

yes I know, I was seeing what kind of awnser Lego Man would give.

Lego man (author)Clayton H.2009-10-04

wow, i just found out you commented :S, im sure it cant stand it, considering thats a bullet (right?) well now im not sure, i dont really have knowledge of ammo and such :(

PKTraceur (author)Lego man2009-10-04

Yes, that is pretty much the smallest caliber bullet. .22 of an inch in diameter, each one about an inch long.

bigjeff5 (author)PKTraceur2011-11-10

And enough power to travel a couple miles in the air, if fired at the proper angle.

It isn't even close to the smallest caliber round, though. Smallest commercial caliber was a .11, but it was never popular.

.17 is a somewhat popular caliber for varmint hunting, because you can get some very high speed (4000+ fps) rounds, though the .22 Remington is still more popular for the purpose.

daelans (author)Clayton H.2009-10-03

its sure as hell not gonna stop a 22.

nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-03-05

 I came up with the idea before, a year before I joined instructables (which was also 2008). So, I never got to post it here. Too bad my manufacturing process is very inefficient. Estimate how many plates you can get out of that with one roll. The no. of plates you need divided by how many plates you can get out of 1 roll equals the no. of rolls you need for your body armor. If you don't understand, look below:

z=no. of plates needed
y=no. of plates possible w/ 1 roll of foil
x=no. of rolls of foil needed

x / y = z

bigjeff5 (author)nutsandbolts_642011-11-10

You said the formula correctly but you didn't write it out correctly - you switched Z and X.

Given your legend, it should be z / y = x

nutsandbolts_64 (author)bigjeff52011-11-11

*1 year later* lol, I can see that... Although a tip, don't comment on extremely old comments, like mine. Not a lot of people could remember what they've posted on a certain instructable after a few months (2 months?).

quetip1 (author)2010-12-26

might I suggest sticking a needle about a centimeter from the top and thread it together to form this "armor/scales" you were speaking of. this is probably the best approach seeing how as the idea of flexibility is compromised when using glue of any sorts and tape makes it more fragile.

howdyboy2 (author)2010-08-15

just wondering , what is the point of this in paintball were you are trying to keep paint from busting on you . I think this would be better suited for the airsoft section . A good version of this would be foam plates or a cloth , something that would be springy or impact dampening to prevent paint busting

boredsearcher (author)2010-05-28

could always roll a car over it

jakezcop (author)2008-08-16

ooo metal discs! is there a good way to ape it other than moulding?

daelans (author)jakezcop2009-10-03

ape it?

Lego man (author)jakezcop2008-08-18

Other than folding I can't think of anymore. A lot of practice and patience, it is fairly hard.

jakezcop (author)Lego man2008-08-19

could you make large pieces and then saw or cut it? or wokuld it just fall apart?

camocam (author)jakezcop2009-08-30

You could but you should hit the sides were you cut it again to seal it shut and such

Lego man (author)camocam2009-08-30

hmmm, never thought of than, Thanks for the idea, im gonna try that and see how it works :D

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