Very easy to create this ball that rolls down hill in slow motion.

I bought the plastic ball at Hobby Lobby
The steel ball is a Chinese Stress Ball

Wow that's something else!<br>I will be trying a SAE 90 oil in place of the Honey tomorrow <br>all the best
Gear oil?
were did you get the steel bal pls reply
What about molasses instead of honey? it wont crystallize....
it's clear to see you two differnt balls and the video explains nothing on how it works..bad editing!!!!
Good one!!
Very cool.<br />
I thought about this, I get how it works. it's a very good trick, until the honey crystallises... I've got a jar of silicone, and I'm thinking...<br /> <br /> L<br />
NICE! <br /> <br /> Is the ball stainless steel?<br />
&nbsp;clever trick, you might want to glue it shut tho :-P

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