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I don't get it.
i am soooooooooo making this
Its pretty cool but I wouldn't wear it to school unless I want to get beaten up
im speechless...all i can say is wow...
very cool dude
Thats really a nice idea to don't make old things trash, you can make them a crazy eye-something! xD
uuuum.... coOl
for the strap, you could have used ribbon cable and split the individual wires at the end and had them snake all about the monacle and even solder them on. That would cover the akwardness of the elastic strap.
nice- go ahead and post yours if you made one. I haven't gotten my solder gun yet because I'm too lazy to go out and buy one for 8 bucks though
That's so cool looking! I just wish you could use glue or putty or something so you didn't have that ugly strap...oh! How about weather stripping putty? Or wall poster putty? stick it to your face with that, and it'll look even better!
or hook it over your ear and the bridge of your nose
Great idea- if you make your own please upload it in the comments! I would stick it to my face, but i want it to be reusable. Thanks anyway!
But it would be reuseable! The stuff is sticky, but it comes off. I've tried it on skin-it's kinda like gum, but easier to get off.
Oh cool- good idea I'll do that on Halloween lol
=O I just notice that the strap is underwear elastic...I hope it's clean...<br/>
haha yeah... its clean dun worry lol I'm working on another 'ible thats a lightbulb hat It'll be up in an hour...
Another modification I would suggest it to add a blinking red LED like a borg-if you don't know how to wire them, you can get them for free if you ask nicely, out of displays and boxes for those shoes that light up-I got an led wired to a battery pack that would continuously blink that way.
So many sharp things so close to eye! Hey dude, you get my respect for doing this, it reminds me when i was a kid just making random inventions out of stuff my parents discarded (and some stuff they didn't! yikes!). Looks rough, but that's part of the charm really, and besides sometime you just need to power out 2-3 prototypes before you get it right. A good effort.
Thank you! I think... LOL I'm not photogenic thats my non cyborg form.
Deffinetly <em><strong>not</strong></em> steampunk.<br/>
Thank you for the comments I removed the steampunk part =]<br/>
You can't really just stick screws to stuff and call it steampunk.
So true, so true....
Post your own version!!!

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