In this instructable i will show you how to construct a lego gun that is also compatible with my
Magazine design: www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Lego-Magazine

Step 1: What You Will Need:

The parts needed for this instructable are:
1x 10x4 piece.
3x 2x4  piece.
1x 8x1 flat smooth piece.
1x 1x4 flat smooth piece.
2x 1x2 flat smooth piece.

1x 1x20 (make up from smaller pieces)
1x 1x22 flat (to go on top of the above)
1x 1x2 with pin sticking out of the side.
1x 2x20 (make up from smaller pieces)
1x 2x22 flat (to go on top of the above)
1x 2x2 with pin sticking out of the side.

1x 4x22 (just make it out of 4x2 bricks and you're fine)

See the picture below, on the left is the base, middle is the walls and right is the top.
Note: the flat bricks aren't in the picture because I'm lazy.

I would like to announce <br> I will likely make my own version of it, <br> used under License with the disclaimers and stuff <br>I already built it on the computer it <br> the article should be ready by labor day <br> <br>
how do i stop it from jamming?
my my lego gun that i disigned/invented i found that you have the projectitle smaller then what is just enough to fit into the barrel
Instead of using the 1 by 1 use those little cylinders instead because they don't hit the sides as much as the other bullets. Explore new bullets
cool i built it would be cooler if you made a trigger but this is still cool <br><br>the only problem (other than no trigger ) is that if your gonna make a removable mag make it separate from the handle because currently it is more like removable handle
u should put some king of trigger mech on it. other than that nice gun. where did u get your technic pieces??

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