In this video I'll show you how to make an L.E.D Illusion Mirror using a box framed mirror, a roll of window tint and a strip of colour changing L.E.Ds.

Items used-

Mirrored box frame from- Found at a home decoration store

Car window tint film - auto store

Colour changing L.E.D strip - DIY / lighting store

4 small pieces of wood to use as spacers

Check out my video above to see how to make it!

<p>how well does it work as a mirror when the LED's are switched off?</p>
<p>can i use car window tin film on both the mirror facing each other so that it will lock infinte from both side</p>
Great project! But you keep saying check out your video but where is it? I don't see a link...
<p>Nice video but I had no audio.</p><p>You made it look easy! Thanks for the video!</p>
<p>thanks, very nice video!</p>
<p>i don't see a video, or a link to one. </p>

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