Picture of Make An SL9 Assualt Rifle Using K'nex
Hello k'nex gun community. I have been trying many guns out such as ipod killer's sniper rifle, Kilerk's pistol and faust's AST rifle. I took lots of ideas from those guns and combined them into one to make . The trigger is still being worked on and let me hear your ideas.

Shoots yellow rods 25-35 feet with one rubber band!! I have shot 70 with 3 rubber bands. It is modeled after the Heckler and Koch SL9 assault rifle. This is my first Instructable I have posted so I'm saying the classic " Be Nice." The firing mechanism and other features are mixed from many other guns. Many thanks to Ipod killer, Mepain, perfect duck, killerk, faust and mykhailo.I am not responsible for any injuries, destroyed property or any other bad things. Enjoy and be safe!!!


Step 1: Parts List

You will need...

17 red
55 yellow
23 white
27 orange
11 green
40 blue snowflakes with a space in them

10 yellow
104 white
8 red
51 blue
176 green
1 gray

1 socket connector
3 rubber bands
very cool gun
Jesus.5 years ago
5 stars!!
18lbaker6 years ago
cool i like it
wow omg tht SL9 gun thingy looks dang much like a G36 ...
Personally i think the stock is a bit to chuncky and uses too many peaces for a stock but overall nice work
alfpwns7 years ago
lokks cool :-( bigg text not workin

yeah it is

lolz you posted that at 221, like my rifle :P
Velly inneressing
dang, no its not
zap897 years ago
dude i got your gun to fire sosmething like 100 ft
H3lloPeople7 years ago
Hi guys, I'm new to Instructables but not knex guns, i also made an Sl9 rifle, really i didn't use this, but due to lack of materials i had to sacrifice some stuff, so its not yet Instructables worthy, but do you guys want so see it? I still have to work some issues out ( bullets spiral out of the top ten feet in the air, and 3 feet forward, not so intimidating...)
sounds cool. Maybe you could use that bullet spiral to your advantage. Like if someone is high up behind a ledge so you can't get a direct shot, so you just shoot straight forward, and the bullet pops up and lands on target any way, lol. Unusual scenario, but hey.
ash14947 years ago
guys shud i post my deagle? its roughly 18 cm . it has a detatchable clip for the handle it is a tru trigger, and its not bulky, but still sturdy.it has a good range and fires green rods, shud i post? oh and minty i got the idea from your pistol.
Post it, it sounds cool!
Mintyhippo (author)  ash14947 years ago
Sure i love deagles and i like pistols better than rifles.
bowmasterz7 years ago
blubber,do u know how many people build with knex?? thousands!!!! so ide be quiet if i were you.
crestind7 years ago
Not bad! The middle could use some strengthening though. This is faust, btw.
well um i think you used way to many pieces in the butt of the gun
zap897 years ago
the trigger doent do anything...
shoarmapapa7 years ago
how DO you add the rubber bands???
Mintyhippo (author)  shoarmapapa7 years ago
I added screen notes to step 1
thnx dude gun looks awesome by the way
Danny A7 years ago
Check out my double bladed knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tubadude7 years ago
sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup carl. but you dont know who i am! good job mintyhippo!
KnexGunFan7 years ago
hey its carl. really detailed, when i get enough k'nex, i have alot but i guess its not enough, i'll definitely make this!
Mintyhippo (author) 7 years ago
m14 coming after christmas!!
Mintyhippo (author) 7 years ago
does any have an idea for a better trigger?
nerfer1927 years ago
sweet gun! not a block trigger(not much i can say, because my only gun posted is block) i have built, yet not posted a true trigger pistol, and i do not plan to post, because mykailo told me not to,and i really dont feal like it anyway.
Nyanman7 years ago
the gun is actually the SL-8, and is a precision rifle for non-military use.
biggunner7 years ago
ojochris7 years ago
Damn....... lol awesome gun!
Kaiven7 years ago
at least it's not a block trigger...
alifran7 years ago
very cool and creative.
nice rifle
Mintyhippo (author) 7 years ago
I actually figured that if you tape the trigger up, it works unbelievably better. It isn't as horrible as I thought.