Introduction: Make Any Custom Shaped Container

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Many times we need to make custom shaped containers either for storage or any random purpose. People who have vacuum forming machine can do this quickly. But in this instructable we will be explaining how to quickly make custom-shaped containers using shrinkable plastic sheet & hot air gun. We use this technique to store small electronics components while working at our makerspace.

Skills: Beginner


  • Shrink plastic paper
  • Hot air gun
  • Desired shape container.

Step 1: Covering With Shrink Paper

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Take any desired shape container. Make sure it can handle slight heat of upto 60-90 degree celsius.

Wrap it up with the shrink paper appropriately from all sides.

Use transparent tapes, if required, to seal it properly.

Remember that while covering up remove the cap of the container and don't cover it from that cap side.

Step 2: Blowing Hot Air

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Blow the hot air on the covered container using a hot air gun on medium power setting.

Keep distance between hot air gun and shrink paper while blowing air. Keep moving(waving) the hot gun to ensure uniform heating.

Do it only for few seconds.

Step 3: Final Step

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Shrink paper gets contracted and takes the shape of the container. Take out the container from the shrink container.

Your new custom-shaped container is ready to use.


JohnW51 (author)2017-09-03

I Googled "shrink paper" and all the hits I got were for "graphic shrink film". Is this the same thing?

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