Using a magnet, make any light switch the perfect key holder. Now you can finally stop losing your keys! Just click the play button above and enjoy the video with simple step by step instructions!

<p>WOW i LOOSE MY PURSE, KEYS AND PHONE OFTEN THIS GIVES ME SOME TERRIFIC IDEAS TO GO TRY. Maybe in my hectic life I can get organized!</p>
<p>Simple, and clever. I like it.</p>
You might consider breaking it out into a step-by-step. People love to see the photos & writing....
<p>You know I think you're right. I'm used to making content for youtube, but fairly new to Instructables. Thanks for the advice!</p>
<p>No problem. I like to see people succeed here. Let me know if there are any resources you're looking for.</p><p>Cheers!<br></p>
<p>Will Do! =]</p>

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