Picture of Make BBQ Grate from Coathangers
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Need a cooking grate for camp cooking?

The distance of charcoal from the pot or food may mean the difference
between dinner in hours or minutes.

This instructable shows you how to
make a durable, custom-sized bbq grate from simple tools in a few minutes.

I needed a grate for my Charcoal BBQ Shichirin and another for holding
up sticks in my Metal Can Rocket Stove.
(Instructions for making the metal can rocket stove
/ gasifier / charcoal stove in step 3)

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Step 1: How to Cut Steel Coathangers

Picture of How to Cut Steel Coathangers
(The cut edge of the coathanger can be sharp, so take care wear eye protection and hand protection.)

You will need:

pair of pliers
thick protective gloves

Choose the length that you need then grab the pliers at that point.

With the other hand bend the hanger several times - the friction will weaken the bending point and snap off easily.

Use this method to remove the hook from the coathanger.

Step 2: Decide on the Design

Picture of Decide on the Design

I needed a circular grate for the Charcoal Shichirin and a
rectangular one for the Metal Briquette & Wood Rocket Stove.

First, I formed a circle then joined the ends with thinner aluminium wire.

Lay out the horizontal pieces in height order.
Bend over the circle with pliers.
Use thin wire to space evenly across the shape.

For the Rocket Stove grate I bent a rectangular shape
and secured the horizontal grates with the thin wire.

TIP: To prevent rusting dry steel grate well and oil after cooking.

Step 3: Metal Rocket Stove in an Hour?

Picture of Metal Rocket Stove in an Hour?

Originally, I cut a 20 litre oil can into half to make a gasifier for one end and a rocket stove for the other.

Eventually, I was able to fry a few onions by rearranging the elements to cook with wood and briquettes.

Materials you need

Large can made of durable metal
Wire cutters
Thick protective gloves (garden gloves are great)

I cut the large 20 litre oil can in half.

One side would be a rocket stove with the already hexagonal
opening and the other a gasifier to be used on a specifically
designed bbq with wide holes below the ash grate.

Gomi Romi (author) 3 years ago
Thanks for your concern, I did a bit of research on the safety of burning steel coat hangers and how sturdy they might be. Since I'm not using the coathanger to cook on food directly I think it pretty safe. (I've not noticed any fumes while cooking)
kenshi073 years ago
This is a good idea. However, most coat-hangers that you would use are made out of brass, galvanized steel, or brass with a painted on coating. All of these when heated would produce noxious and toxic fumes that not only would be breathed by people around it, or would infiltrate what ever you were cooking. I don't think I'd try it personally, but this is your idea, go ahead if you feel comfortable.
zazenergy3 years ago
Looks like a cool Instructable. I think this could really benefit from an introductory paragraph explaining what this is, why you made it and just ives us a little more of a story around the project. Thanks!