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Introduction: Make Baby Hat From Old Tank Top

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I made this hat with in an hour. It is so simple.

Make some cute Baby Hats for your babies from their old Tank tops, T shirts or Sweaters. They will feel warm and more comfortable during this winter.

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Step 1: Materials

1 Toddler/Baby Tank top ( you can also use old Tee or Sweater)

1 Scissor

Thread and needle

Fabric flowers for decoration ( I got it from Dollar stores)

Step 2: Cutting the Tank Top

Cut off the body of tank top from one armpit seam to the other armpit seam.

Now measure your baby's head circumference and cut according to the measurement.

Step 3: Sew the Hat

Turn the body of tank top inside out.

Push the needle with thread where you want to start and bring the needle back through both layers of fabrics just in front of the previous stitch. Repeat the stitch until you reach the other end of hat.

Once it done, turn the hat. ( Its ready to decorate now)

Step 4: Decorate It With Fabric Flowers

Turn the hat inside out and stitch the fabric flowers.

To make it look more gorgeous you can also add beads, fancy laces and buttons.

Step 5: Baby Hat :)

Isn't it so simple? :)

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