Picture of Make Bag Re-Make
The free make bag was a wonderful souvenir for the maker faire, but I wanted something a little more functional for the second day. I'm offering this tutorial for anyone who wants a more elaborate bag of their own. I think it would be great to see what designs other people can come up with. Maybe we can hold a contest next year! Fits a 15" powerbook perfectly.
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Step 1: Materials

-one make bag
-some extra fabric (for sides and lining)
-magnets or velcro for closure (optional)
-needle and thread

Step 2: Cut 'er up!

Picture of Cut 'er up!
1. Turn bag wrong-side-out.
2. Cut off the bottom and side sewn seams.
3. Cut off handles at seam.

Step 3: Cut 'er up some more!

Picture of Cut 'er up some more!
1. Cut down other side fold.
2. Cut along the line pictured under the maker logo.

Step 4: Re-Assemble and Duplicate

Picture of Re-Assemble and Duplicate
1. Attach the the maker faire flap and the o'reilly flap together by overlapping the already sewn-seam and sewing down either side of the seam.
2. Attach pen holder flap to o'reilly side. Make sure to lay the front sides facing each other.
3. Lay your assembled bag piece on top of your extra fabric and cut out an identical piece.
4. Cut out four pieces of your extra fabric that are 4 x 9.5 inches. These will become the sides of your bag.

Step 5: Seam Pen-flap

Picture of Seam Pen-flap
1. Sew down a quarter inch flap on the pen holder end on both the bag and lining.

Step 6: Attach Sides

Picture of Attach Sides
1. Use a quarter inch seam to attach one of your four side-pieces to the two sides of the make/o'reilly piece. Make sure the front sides of the fabric face each other. The center of each side-piece should be about 15.25 inches down from the make faire end.

2. attach the side pieces along the long sides to enclose the bag.

3. Attach your other two extra fabric side-pieces to the lining fabric in the same corresponding place.
SparkySolar8 months ago


what were the dimensions for the original bag? I want to try the tote-recon because all my other attempts at messenger bags have been too flimsy.
Meragness8 years ago
I started making messenger bags and using them at school and now like everybody wants one. I sold a few too. I wanna try that double seam thing.
arwen9 years ago
This is so cool! definitely my next project--although I might add some padding so I can use it as a laptop bag. I love the braided wire strap....
cookiedough (author)  arwen9 years ago
Sounds like a great idea to me--it would increase the structure of the bag, too. I have constructed cases for my camera and ibook using a closed cell foam I bought from Home Depot. I believe the foam is actually sold for concrete and pipe spacing. Its about a 1/4 inch think, easy to encase in fabric or wrap with duct tape and cheap. It got my ibook around the world in 90 days:)