Picture of Make Bag Re-Make
The free make bag was a wonderful souvenir for the maker faire, but I wanted something a little more functional for the second day. I'm offering this tutorial for anyone who wants a more elaborate bag of their own. I think it would be great to see what designs other people can come up with. Maybe we can hold a contest next year! Fits a 15" powerbook perfectly.

Step 1: Materials

-one make bag
-some extra fabric (for sides and lining)
-magnets or velcro for closure (optional)
-needle and thread
SparkySolar9 months ago


what were the dimensions for the original bag? I want to try the tote-recon because all my other attempts at messenger bags have been too flimsy.
Meragness8 years ago
I started making messenger bags and using them at school and now like everybody wants one. I sold a few too. I wanna try that double seam thing.
arwen9 years ago
This is so cool! definitely my next project--although I might add some padding so I can use it as a laptop bag. I love the braided wire strap....
cookiedough (author)  arwen9 years ago
Sounds like a great idea to me--it would increase the structure of the bag, too. I have constructed cases for my camera and ibook using a closed cell foam I bought from Home Depot. I believe the foam is actually sold for concrete and pipe spacing. Its about a 1/4 inch think, easy to encase in fabric or wrap with duct tape and cheap. It got my ibook around the world in 90 days:)