Make Baskets out of repurposing pallet straps. We have found straps on the streets as well as cultivated relationships with businesses who happily save them for us - distribution companies, bookstores, grocery stores, appliance stores, etc etc etc etc etc.

Once you learn this technique you will be able to craft an endless range of other things. Good luck.

Downloadable step by step Instructions in
繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
簡體中文 (Simplified Chinese)
are also available from http://www.nomoola.com/baskets

Step 1:

<p>These look like they would be incredibly strong! awesome way to save our planet one pallet strap at a time. </p>
thanks :)
Congratulations on coming to the finalist ! To be honest ... I only saw this once it came to the finalist! Good job! These packaging tape reminded me of my childhood when my parents were importing things... :-) I haven't seen these tapes I'm a long time since they stopped importing ... Will keep a special lookout for it in future .. Thanks for posting!
thanks shazni!! ditto to you too in making finalist. I hope you are able to find enough straps to make a basket. :)
Excellent instructions and fantastic reuse. Now I am wondering if it could be done with the metal straps.....could be interesting...
look forward to finding out how you might work with metal straps. I guess special tools would be needed.

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