Make Beaded Hair Sticks Out of Aluminum Wire





Introduction: Make Beaded Hair Sticks Out of Aluminum Wire

This DIY beaded hair stick is mainly made up of aluminum wires and seed beads. Its structure is very simple. I use aluminum wires to wrap its main frame. The several seed beads add a touch of sparkly. Now, come with me to learn how to make beaded hair sticks!

Step 1: Materials Needed in DIY Beaded Hair Sticks:

Step 2: Wrap the Frame of the Beaded Hair Sticks

1st, cut about 30cm aluminum wire, make a loop at one end of the wire;

2nd, at the distance of 0.5cm from the first loop, rotate the wire clockwise 60 degrees angle to form a loop, then rotate the wire anticlockwise 60 degrees angle to form a loop, far about 1cm from the second loop, this is the basic pattern of the frame as pictures show;

3rd, repeat the basic pattern in the 2nd four or five times, make a loop at this end.

Step 3: Add Beads to the Frame of Hair Sticks

1st, cut about 80cm 0.3mm copper wire, wrap it several turns around aluminum wire at one end, then slide a seed bead onto the wire, wrap the copper wire around aluminum wire again;

2nd, repeat the process in 1st in this step until the wire wrapped frame is filled with seed beads, then cut the extra copper wire.

Step 4: Finish DIY Beaded Hair Sticks

1st, cut about 12cm aluminum wire, make a loop far about 3cm from one end, wrap the 3cm aluminum wire around the longer wire several turns;

2nd, pinch the end of the wrapped wire, so that it will not prick you.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look of the DIY Beaded Hair Sticks:



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    Very pretty abd looks so simple

    love the color combo. would never have thought about it. Beautiful job.

    Thank you, eeVee.

    copper and aluminum together will corode if they get wet..just FYI. these are very cute!

    Wow! These look really cute, and easy to make. Thanks for posting this!

    Glad you love it, go ahead and have a try!