Step 2: Ingredients

Most recipes for the homebrewer are written to make 5 gallon batches. I've simply cut the ingredient list by half for the 2.5 gallon batch here. You'll need to find a local homebrew supply shop or one of many such shops on the web from which to purchase the ingredients. (See resource list in Step 15)

Simple Ale
  • 3 lbs light dried malt extract
  • 8 oz crushed crystal malt
  • 1 oz Northern Brewer pellet hops
  • 1 pkg brewers yeast
  • 3/8 cup sugar for bottling
ghostfart6 years ago
If your in the Uk Wilkinsons sell everything you will need for brewing, at a pretty good price.
JakeHog6 years ago
How mch yeast is a package? Ive been looking around and there are different measures of yeast in different packages.
Safale s04 is also very good, clears very quick and forms a compact sediment. Really good yeast if you plan on bottling your beer
el kabong9 years ago
Most any brewers yeast will do, but it's important to note that it is the yeast that makes the beer, and the one you choose will have a big effect on the final product. One of my favorites is Safale brand 56. A nice, quality American Ale yeast, pretty neutral. Lots of microbrews are made with the same strain.