Step 3: Crushing the Grain

Picture of Crushing the Grain
Use a large heavy freezer bag and pour in roughly 8 ounces of the crystal malt a little at a time. Use a rolling pin to crush the grain. You don't want to make flour here just a very course texture of broken grains. Later on, when you decide to get more serious, you may wish to purchase a malt mill designed specifically for this purpose.
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 Can you place the grain in a blender and pulse it a little at a time to get the consistency you want?
If you have a high end blender, like the vita-mix, the raw foodists go-to tool, they make a blade specific for seeds and such, which I'd guess would work pretty well. I also have a rocket blender type drink mixer with a seeds/grains specific blade. Would be worth a shot.
Blender is a bad idea, because it's not really meant to handle solids. A food processor will do the job, a mini one if you have it will work too. Just don't crush them too much. All you really want to do is bust open the husks while leaving them as intact as possible, that way they are easier to strain out later.
any place you buy the grain from will crush it for you for free -- just ask. store the grain in the fridge until your ready to use