This Is a cheap and easy way to make a bow tie. This version is not adjustable but im sure its not hard make it that way with Velcro or buttons.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:



Rubber cement



Paper clip


Step 2: Cut

Bow tie Dimensions - 5" 9"

Neck strap (measure your neck to get exact dimensions) - 1" 17"

Step 3: ​Fold the Bow Tie Fabric in 3rd's and Glue in Place

Step 4: Fold Sides in and Glue

Step 5: Cut a New Piece of Fabric Out and Glue

Dimensions - 3" 1 3/4"

Step 6: Cut Off the Inside Corners Off the Back

Step 7: Pinch and Glue the Small Piece Around the Middle

Step 8: Fold the Neck Strap in Half and Flatten

Step 9: Fold End Over and Glue to It Self and the Bow

Step 10: Fold and Glue a Paper Clip to the Other End

Now you can wear it like a beast !

<p>i'm going to do this and sell them</p>
<p>Oh my, so fancy! Much Class!</p>
<p>Ooo very classy! I love that this a no sew project! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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