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Finnish himmeli ornaments have been popping up all over Pinterest and I was inspired to try making them out of brass tubing. I'm super happy with the results and now have sturdy and beautiful ornaments that will be great gifts that last for many a holly jolly season to come!

Step 1: Supplies List

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Here's what you'll need to get started:

- small hobby miter box & saw
- ruler & pencil
- fine metal file or sand paper
- needle nose pliers
- work surface for metal piece prep that allows for the miter box to hang over surface edge (I just clamped a
piece of plywood to a metal work table) and on a floor that is
easy to sweep. Do not do the metal sawing over a carpeted area as the brass filings will be hard to remove.
- a clean work area for assembly once pieces are cut
- embroidery floss (thread) in bright, festive colors
- scissors
- 2 x No.17 darning needles
- 1/8" x .014 (3.18mm x .355mm) round brass tubes in 12" pieces. Amount you'll need to buy depends on how
many ornaments you want to make. Here's the breakdown:
- one 3" octahedron himmeli = 2 x 12" pieces
- one 4.5" octahedron himmeli = 3 x 12" pieces
- one 5" octahedron himmeli = 4 x 12" pieces
* ornaments are measured from top point to bottom point

Elysajean7 months ago
Where did you but the tubing?
barista1 year ago


Well done. Well done, indeed.

I'd never heard of Himmeli ornaments before today and now,
because of you, I want to make some for everybody I know!

This is a perfect example of what an instructable should be:

Clear, concise instructions with good spelling and grammar.

Relevant safety information.

Well lit, in focus, detailed photographs.

Everybody should learn from your example!

acuchetto1 year ago
Well done!
KKKRAZY1 year ago
So cute! They came out looking great. :D
Paige Russell (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
Thanks Audrey!