Make Butter at Home - Buttermilk Too - Hand Utensils Only





Introduction: Make Butter at Home - Buttermilk Too - Hand Utensils Only

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Churn or make butter from scratch by hand from heavy whipping cream using common kitchen utensils (an egg beater or whisk).  Homemade, hand made, simple and minimalist.  No churn, no jar, no mixer, no blender, no machines.  Buttermilk is a tasty by-product.

Compared with making whipped cream, it takes about twice as long for the butter to emerge.  Save the buttermilk, it's delicious too!  Once the bulk of the buttermilk is drained, it's important to wash any remaining buttermilk out of the new butter - it can go rancid if the butter is not refrigerated.

Up to two ingredients are needed: heavy whipping cream and optionally salt.  If you own a cow, you're golden!  But if not, cream bought at the supermarket works just fine.



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    Please read the ingredients when buying whipping cream or any cream for that matter.

    Here in Canada I have found that some creams have several ingredients in them with only one of them being milk or maybe cream.

    Often gums and sugars etc.

    So other than that caveat, I think that this tutorial is great :)

    Certainly easier than the churn I messed around with [for fun] as a kid on a farm :)

    Thanks for this :)

    1 reply

    Ugh. We haven't run across that (adulterated cream). Thank you for the heads-up.

    OOps, forgot to mention. The butter milk can be used for home made pancakes as well :)

    Great work there.

    Thanks for this :)

    1 reply

    Great tip (pancakes)! Now I'm hungry. :-)