Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Dispenser Machine at Your Home Fridge !


Introduction: Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Dispenser Machine at Your Home Fridge !

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Make a Coca Cola Soda Machine for your fridge or refrigerator. You can build this Coke soda machine easily homemade & very cheap. This DIY Soda Fountain Machine let you grab drinks in coca cola without spilling drink all over. You can install this in your fridge to enjoy chilled water coke coca cola sprite fanta almost any carbonated drink. You can do this to make your fridge with water dispenser. So Lets Make a coca cola fountain machine for your home fridge.

You can watch my fridge soda dispenser here !

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Step 1: Things You Will Need !

1) 6V DC Air Pump X 3

2) Push Buttons X 3

3) Soda Bottle Supply (Coca Cola , Sprite , Fanta or any of your choice)

4) 9v Battery

5) Plastic Tube (Food Grade)

6)1 sqmm Electrical wires

7) Drill or Dremel Tool

8) Plastic Box

Step 2: Simple Electrical Wiring

1. Mini 6v air pump is really easy to use ,when you connect a 9v battery it will pump out lot of air ,if it doesn't then flip the battery polarities.

2. Now connect red wires to the positively marked red dot terminal of each motor .

3. connect a push button to each motor's negative terminal

4. Connect the remaining terminal of three switches to negative of the battery .

Step 3: Control Panel Box Assembly !

1. when electrical connections are finished take a plastic box and drill holes for inlet , outlet , switches and dispenser outlet

2. to make look the panel box even i used white paper from inside

3. then install switches ,motors, and all components inside

4. your finished product will look something like this >

Step 4: Modification to Soda Bottle Cap !

1. Now You need to modify the bottle cap so drill two holes for outlet and motor pressure . your soda will not go through motor instead motor will build air pressure inside soda bottle and soda will exit from other tube .

2. Now cut two tubes according to your bottle size , but the outlet tube should reach bottom of the bottle ,you can keep other tube short .

3. Now Use hot glue to seal around the holes properly

4. You're good to go !!!

Step 5: Test 1... Success !!!

Now Let's do a test run

1. connect one tube of bottle to a motor

2. and press button ,Whola ! you got your drink Dispensed !!!

Step 6: Installing Inside the Fridge! - Enjoy

Okay Guy's Now you can Install This system into your fridge and always enjoy cool drinks at a push of button !

if you missed any step watch full video here

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    17 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I made this, but the drink kept flowing after releasing the button. Presume because there was no air getting back into the bottle? It stopped when opening bottle or pulling tube off the motor. Would using wider tubing for 'exit' pipe help? Recommended diameter?? Thanks.

    why i use 12v motor, but it cannot work

    Neat idea!

    But I have one concern... Since the bottle is open to the atmosphere (dispense tube) the soda will go flat won't it?

    To take care of that problem you would have to have two solenoid valves for each bottle - one in the air line and the other in the dispense tube. Unfortunately I think that over complicates things.

    3 replies

    Could also add a small check valve to each of the dispensing tubes

    How does a check valve solve the problem? CO2 escapes the bottle via the same path as dispensing soda does. And CO2 build up in a normal soda bottle produces a fair amount of pressure.

    This project is for FUN, I know, so its not a big deal, but it just really can't be considered for a 'permanent' installation.

    Nice, even better if you modify the fridge and have the control panel and dispenser on the outside of the fridge. Holes drilled through the door to the bottles on the inside.

    2 replies

    I realize that soda can freeze; however, if you had a side-by-side refrigerator with the water/ice dispenser; you may be able to rig something up. You will definitely need to watch the temperature of the freezer for this...not to mention explaining to your loved ones why they need to retrieve ice cubes out of ice trays, lol.

    Another possible idea may be to use this project on a cooler. Although the ice will melt over time, it would be a neat way to control accidental spills at picnics and family gatherings.


    1 year ago

    And also forgot to include the iron welder on the list, my friend.

    What are the sizes of the plastic tubes? Thanks

    This is an awesome idea, definitely save the chance of spillage and they're able to be kept cold.

    this is awesome!

    Looks more like a Pepsi Cola machine to me ;-)