I upgraded my old deck to composite decking. The composite deck boards worked with hidden fasteners, but the composite boards on the stairs required me to drill down into them. I couldn't find any plugs to cover the screw heads from the major retail hardware store, the manufacturer, or online. The manufacturer recommends taking some shavings from drilling, wadding them up, tucking them over the screw, and hammering it. The board on the left shows the screw heads and the board on the right shows the shavings hammered over them. I didn't like the results.

Step 1: Hollow Punch Set

I thought I was stuck hammering shavings until I stumbled across a hollow punch set at a tool store. I found the 3/16" hollow punch to fit perfectly over the composite decking screws. Use a hammer drill on a scrap piece of decking to punch out holes.
I forgot to mention that you should hit the plugs lightly a couple times before giving it a good whack with the hammer. This causes the plug to seat inside the screw head and anchor it down.
<p>Great idea! Thank you!</p>
Great idea!

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