Introduction: Make Coolest Drinks Ever

How to make Ice Cool Drinks for Cool Party.


fred123454 (author)2009-09-02

i like it! but i was thinkin juice or something instead o water so it could be like a freezie! and if you were worried you could put it in a bowl or a diff cup so you would have 2 drinks :P

J@50n (author)fred1234542009-09-05

if you used juice to make the outside, when it melted your hands would be all sticky and your floors would be a MESS!

fred123454 (author)J@50n2009-10-04

use the outside cup to hold th ice

Browncoat (author)2008-02-16

Looks like metacafe embed doesn't play on Firefox. :(

fred123454 (author)Browncoat2009-09-02

yes it does... you just may not have the newest flash player out...

macyrlivyed (author)Browncoat2008-08-11

Works on FireFox 2.0.16 just fine.

Dr.Paj (author)Browncoat2008-02-16

I am using Firefox and it is playing. So it might be some other problem.

JakeTobak (author)Dr.Paj2008-02-16

Yah, works for me too.

zascecs (author)2009-08-31

Pretty cool, but very slippery. Won't the ice melt? By the time you get the cup, there won't be any left at all. It was already melting in the video...

scottwoman81 (author)2009-03-16

who would want to do this? It would be too cold to hold onto.

Then reverse it, use a SMALLER cup inside and fill it with ice

They are perfect for my house which is called the "snow base" by me and my friends cuz we are snowboarders and i got plenty of boxes and rails next to the house (in fact its on the mountain) anyway making a big party of snowboarders during the winter all of us are wearing our gear/gloves etc... so it really feels a good spirit to have a drink outside watching the others ... for example

DAND (author)2009-04-11

So once the drunk guy falls, he's only breaking the ice xD

alexsolex (author)2008-02-15

I've seen a tutorial here to explain how to make ice clearer. I think you just need to boil the water and let it dry before filling your glass. The ice will look more 'transparent'

JakeTobak (author)alexsolex2008-02-15

That sounds like it would work, maybe also tap the side a bit to get out air bubbles before freezing and then take a torch to the sides of the glass, just briefly, after you take it out to clear it up a bit.

Dr.Paj (author)JakeTobak2008-02-16

If you boil the water, all of the impurities leave....I Think.... That should get it clear, also if you heat the ice it gets easier to see through (thats what they do with ice sculptures). Another idea would be to make the ice cup flavored (no soda it doesn't freeze well) or using food color to change the color of the glasses. Just another idea.

jynnjynn (author)Dr.Paj2008-08-14

Food coloring is an awful idea in my opinion because then your countertops, your hands, your guest clothes, your carpet, peoples mouths, etc etc all end up stained. Same thing goes for making them out of juice or anything but plain water... it would just make a terrible sticky mess.

Lance Mt. (author)jynnjynn2009-03-06

I don't know, The beverage is the cup would be cool, your drinking the cup!

Dr.Paj (author)Dr.Paj2008-02-16

Hmm...the food coloring was already suggested...oh well.

macyrlivyed (author)2008-08-11


HisDivineShadow (author)2008-07-12

wow ur fingers wer RED u must have been doing that alot i was going to say wouldnt that make the glass incredibly cold disabling pickup pretty coo though...

why use scotch tape


Wired_24_7 (author)2008-06-30

watch out, warm vodka can melt a hole in the cup very quickly, from personal experience.

zus (author)2008-06-25

Perfect shot glass

iKill (author)2008-02-12

i can see a bunch of drunk people picking this up and having it slide outta there hands

uguy (author)iKill2008-02-12

Don't invite "drunks" to your party! Duh

username2 (author)uguy2008-06-05

This aint an idea for serving kool-aid!

aglaranna (author)2008-04-18

I found something like this as a sort of ice cube tray to make shot glasses like this at a store once - it's pretty cool! Now I know how to make bigger ones!!

Brennn10 (author)2008-02-15

Very intuitive! You can also leave the cups in place, and you would still have a cold drink.

iq_abyss (author)Brennn102008-04-13

I apologize for the following: That would be so fracking lame---totally kills the awesomeness of the idea--unless you are old I guess. (As I said, sorry.)

Brennn10 (author)iq_abyss2008-04-14

What if you don't want to get your hands wet?

iq_abyss (author)Brennn102008-04-14

Then don't use an (epic) ice cup.

moomooman (author)2008-02-18

it works on my firefox too

moomooman (author)2008-02-18

cool idea and nice instructables

drummonkey92 (author)2008-02-16

perfect. "i have to drink this as fast as i can so the cup wont melt!" new drinking game perhaps... how many can you drink before the cup melts lol

IamTheCreator (author)2008-02-15

I like the idea, and it's really cool, but wouldn't your hands get really cold :P

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-15

Yum! And an awesome Instructable too! Going to definitely try this out, as Baron A would do too.

Baron A (author)2008-02-12

AWSOME! I am definately trying this out!

Sharku (author)2008-02-12

nice,ill try this but ill just add food coloring and flour to make pykrete it'll take longer to unfrost

dsman195276 (author)2008-02-12

that is a great idea!

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