Make Coolest Drinks Ever





Introduction: Make Coolest Drinks Ever

How to make Ice Cool Drinks for Cool Party.



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Questions & Answers


i like it! but i was thinkin juice or something instead o water so it could be like a freezie! and if you were worried you could put it in a bowl or a diff cup so you would have 2 drinks :P

if you used juice to make the outside, when it melted your hands would be all sticky and your floors would be a MESS!

use the outside cup to hold th ice

Looks like metacafe embed doesn't play on Firefox. :(

yes it does... you just may not have the newest flash player out...

Works on FireFox 2.0.16 just fine.

I am using Firefox and it is playing. So it might be some other problem.

Yah, works for me too.

Pretty cool, but very slippery. Won't the ice melt? By the time you get the cup, there won't be any left at all. It was already melting in the video...

who would want to do this? It would be too cold to hold onto.