Picture of Make Crown Molding on the Cheap
 Today I am going to show you how to make a 6" crown molding for about 1/5 the cost of production crown.  This is what is considered a "built-up crown", meaning that the crown is assembled from parts as opposed to being molded in a shaper as one piece.
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Step 5: Test Assembly

This series of photo's show how the crown will be assembled on the wall.

Pic 1. These are the pieces used to make the molding. The screen molding, the 2" cove in the middle and the 1"x8" to the right.  The second photo shows how the back pieces fit together.

Pic 2. This show how the back pieces will be fit together.

Pic 3. The screen molding is attached to the back piece on the wall.

Pic 4. Put the cove molding against the screen molding and tack in the screen molding to the back piece on the ceiling to hold in the cove.

Pic 5. The profile of your new crown molding.

Next we will make the corner and center blocks.
uniquo2 years ago
terrific guide....everyone else has said to glue it... I'm scared the glue will lose the stickiness and fall on peoples heads.
Phil B4 years ago
Back in the 1960's and 1970's Sears included a little booklet with their circular saw blades and molding cutters that showed end drawings of all sorts of molding configurations. Many of these were made up of individual parts glued up to make a much larger molding profile, much as you have done. Yours is a good idea done well. Thank you for a nice and useful Instructable.