Make Custom Embellishments from PNGs in Silhouette Studio

Picture of Make Custom Embellishments from PNGs in Silhouette Studio
step seven.png
Scrapbook embellishments are an easy way to add extra detail to a scrapbook page, but they can be pricey and the selection is not always ideal. 

Silhouette Studio allows you to buy or create your own designs...but their choices are also somewhat limited. 

Here is a way to easily create your own elements using Paint.NET (Free to download, can substitute photoshop as well) and Silhouette studio (also should work with other die cutters or stop after step two, print, and cut out by hand). 


Picture of design you want


Silhouette and software
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Step 1: Find a Design You Like

Picture of Find a Design You Like
step two.png
I'll be using this great silhouette from http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Hand-Cut-Paper-Gift/ 

Since I don't have a picture myself, I'll be taking a screenshot, which you can do by using ctrl+printscreen and then pasting into Paint.NET or another program. 

I'm going to crop it so that there's less in my image, which will make step two easier. For this step, rectangular select and crop to selection tools work fine. 

Step 2: Remove Everything but the Design

Picture of Remove Everything but the Design
step three b.png
step three c.png
step four b.png
step four c.png
Now that we have an image of the design, we're going to clean it up so that it's easier to use in the studio software. 

The easiest tool is the Magic Wand. The magic wand tool selects all of a color (we'll use black) within a certain tolerance range. 

I've turned my magic wand to global, so that it will effect the whole picture and I've turned up the tolerance to 62%. Now, I'm going to click on the black picture frame since it is the same shad as the art. It should select all of the heart. If it does not, double check your settings and increase tolerance. 

Next, we're going to invert our selection (second picture). This will mean everything that is not black is selected. Once done, delete the selection (third picture).  

Since there still is a little unwanted material in our picture, I'm going to crop it using the lasso select tool (fourth picture). Draw around your shape til everything is included and then crop to your selection (fifth picture). 

Save the file as a PNG.
kcli1 year ago
Wonderful Instructable!!! I can't wait to give it a try :-)
Awesome! Thanks for the tip on the High Pass Filter! I love to trace things in Silhouette, but I feel like I'm always fighting with it!
paigenoelle (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you! I noticed in your "Halloween Cupcake Wrapper" instructable that you included the studio files. Did you just zip them and upload them like you would for a picture?
I usually zip them. But if you edit your Instructable and use the new editor to edit it, you should be able to just attach the Silhouette Studio files :)