Hi there

I just want to share a Quickie project , Guitar cables on the cheap
Great for the guys that like to have exactly what they Want , using The
'The 3 B's Technique ' :
Bonito y

That means Nice , Cool And Cheap in spanish

Soon (in the next step) i'll be posting the Complete details

Step 1: Find your stuff (materials)

This is the mandatory list of materials , i'm giving several examples
of raw materia to properly fit your needs or taste

For The plug :
use a 1/4 inch connector not to big and must be take-apart-able (that word exist?)
Option A) A regular plastic body , plug
Option B)A Metalic body , plug (Recommended)
Option C)A silver body And Silver (Ag) plug
Option D)A Gold (Au) plated body and plug

For The Cable Itself :
Must be single Conductor core And Shield (A copper mesh around the core)
Option A) Normal duplex style wire
Option B)Audio microphone cable (recommended)
Option C)Silver Core , Oxygen-free Shielded Cable

This Cable is as You like It , Cheap , Good or Nice
I decided for the good quality cable
The Final cost was:
About 2 dollars of 6 feet of wire
About 1.5 dollars For Each plug
And 3 dollars of silver solder and Heat shrink tubing

I also took some Zipties from my junkbox

So for Everything was 8 bucks , Great!

<p>Im wanting to make some cables like this with a contact mic on one end and 1/4 inch connector on the other. I already bought the cable, but now i realize my cable has two shielded wires, plus the copper wire mesh (frayed copper). should I buy new cable or could i still use this? THANKS:)</p>
Just saying, but if you need a cable to play gigs and to bring it everywhere and stuff it in your guitar's case (like i've been doing for years) you might wanna get neutrik plugs. they have a little plastic thing that screws on and ''jams'' the wire into place. Honnestly, in my 10 years of playing, Never have i seen a neutrik plug acting out (not saying it won't happen) so it's very unlikely to, and we're rough with those things. Otherwise, Very nice instructable buddy!!!! keep up the good work!!!
would it be possible to use speaker wires from a surround sound system? I'm not looking to use it for my guitar, I would be using it change channels on my amp from a footswitch and for function switches
Yes. If you are using the cable for a switch that does not actually carry audio, you should be fine using nearly any wire that can handle a few volts. The speaker wire might even be arguably better for that application than the mic cable used in this 'Ible.
One of my cables has the connection surrounded by translucent goop.&nbsp; Is this wax?&nbsp;&nbsp;Silicone?&nbsp; What's the term for this?<br />
wow chingon tuto lo padre de los mexicanos es que nos las ingeniamos para resolver todo estoi orgulloso d nuestro ingenio hehe :D<br />
what is the reason for needing the coax? Could you just use a side-by-side pair cable?
It's not the TV coax , is Microphone Cable , And yes , you can use one any cable that has 2 (or more!) conductors , Remember one cable for signal and the other one for Ground (anyways , non-shielded wire may cause unwanted hum )
hey there acaz93 what is that project that you made ???? because i have no clue what it is!!!!!
whats that synth in the end video???? i want one
It's A Hybrid Atari Punk Console <br/>It uses LDRs as Well as Potentiometer <br/><br/>The How to is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.getlofi.com/?p=518">here</a><br/>
i've finally got everything to make an APC, but have only soldered stuff for circuit bends and am apprehensive bout building my 1st circuit. I actually gradually amassed parts for a WSG 1st, then saw the APC and it looked a lil less complicated so...
I also upload'd Some Pictures as Reference on building your own
i have the exact same iron!didnt know it was that cheap
Silver Solder (AKA silver bearing solder) is overkill for soldering connectors on cables. Also, your 45w iron quite likely won't get hot enough to melt silver solder, you'll need a higher power iron or a small torch for it, at which point the insulators in the plug may start melting (as well as the cable insulation if not rubber). Despite the convenience of the stores (often the only source in town), avoid the phone plugs that Radio Shack sells, their terminals are chrome plated (or something similar) rather than tinned, and are nearly impossible to solder to (by which time, the insulation is melting). If you've found this problem yourself, please write a complaint to the corporation about it. Perhaps we can eventually get them to restock with solderable parts.
ok , <br/>first , Silver has less resistance than copper , my chemestry teacher and google prove that , <br/><br/>second , <br/>this silver &quot;bearing &quot; solder , melts at low temperatures , (it's made to solder SMT after all ..),which makes it easier to solder and set <br/><br/>Third , <br/>it is not 45Watt is just 25 <br/><br/>and fourth , <br/>i havent bought plugs from the 'shack i bought them at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.steren.com.mx">Steren</a><br/>
The resistance of the solder is completely irrelevant.
Irrelevant or not , it solders pretty nice
I have an "El Cheapo $5 soldering iron" too
oh really ? where did you bought it , i bought mine in a flea market
I got it at Walmart
This is kinda like something i did a couple years back. I made a one ended cable with stripped wires on the other end so that i could run some audio from the cab jack in the back of my amp to some large stereo speakers i had from an old stereo. not really a substitute for a real cab but certainly good enough for some light practice. almost forgot, very very nice instructable. detailed enough for anyone to get through it and good enough pictures that the whole process is demonstrated visually. good work. :thumbsup:
Way too cool. Me and my brother ALWAYS need cables, because we always play gigs, jam, and stuff. We don't gig as much yet, but we always need cables for the pedals we have. I might try this out, looks like a lot of work (kind of) but worth it in the end!
it's not that hard , you'll expend about 15 minutes per wire or even less , i used lotsa steps since i needed to explain everything
WOW your cable looks better than the ones in the shops! and what a excellent-easy to follow instructabe this is how it should be done!! nice one.
Nice job! Really professional looking! Great instructable! +1
Nicely done. More than just 'solder two plugs to a cable.' They look as reliable as most pro versions.
Great Instructable!!! Love it! Nice pictures and well document! +1
Thanks A Lot Joe , Your Positive feedback it's Great for my self-esteem
great instructable! I can't get over this!!!!

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