Step 4: The Hardest Part (even Though Its Easy)

1. Save the song clip (make sure it's file extention is .wav)
2. Open up the control panel and find "Hardware and Sound" menu
3. Under the sound tab click manage audio devices
4. A window should pop up (third picture) click on the sound tab at the top
5. Make sure it is set on Windows Default modified otherwise you cannot edit the sound
6. In the box under where it says program find the noise you want to change (log on, log off etc.)
7. Click on the default noise and the Browse option should be clickable
8. Find where you saved the song and upload it!
Nice instructable. ... Flogging Molly Right on !
I put the "vista only" in the title because I haven't been able to experiment with other versions of windows. You can probably use it on all versions of windows, using the same principles, but the menu layout might not be the same
do you think this would work on windows 7? <br>
This works in Windows XP (at least) if you go to C:\WINDOWS\Media and delete the sound file you don't wan't and place your new .wav file in the folder. Just make sure that you rename the new file to what you deleted (ie: Windows XP Logon Sound) so the computer recognizes it. Flogging Molly Rocks!
cool! i hadn't really thought of that, even while it's so easy + i love your taste in music (flogging molly all the way)
This will work with most versions of Windows, you shouldn't need to have "Vista only" in the title? L

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