Yes .... No more money wasting on unstable tripods.... You can make your own with just some PVC pipe and T's
It's lightweight...
It's Perfectly balanced...
It's solid strong...
It's most customization friendly...
I am Sooraj Bagal and I will share my experience about this camera mount

Step 1: This Is the Tripod I Made by Using Just Some of PVC Pipes...

Requirements :
1. 10 Feet long PVC pipe (3/4")
and ( 4 T's )
and ( 4 Caps )
2. Pipe Cutter (To Cut Pipe)
3. Scale (For Measuring)
4. Marker
5. screw (get a screw according to your camera tripod mount hole size)
6. Some time about 10-15 min.
7 (Optional Glue- Not necessary)
Cut pipe into following sizes:

1. Pipes 5" = 2 pieces
2. Pipes 7" = 4 pieces
3. Pipe of about 4 to 5 feet according to your need
4. Remaining pipe with smaller height
what program did you use to show the digital steps of the pipe?
Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
<p>Great instructable, i love the idea!</p><p>Perhaps, if you are going to put a DSLR camera on the top, some side supports for the big Arm (the 5 feet pvc) would make it more stable?</p>
<p>Hope You Got answer now according to updated sixth step</p><p>Thanks for your suggetion</p><p>By default this stand mount have capacity of 1.5 Kg </p><p>By adding additional pipe support to main it can have capacity of almost ~3 to 3.5 Kg</p><p>You can reduce 5 feet pipe to 3.5 or 4 feet which will make it more stable...</p><p>side support may not be required it's enough stable as you lower the height...</p><p>If you choose to increase height you may require addition of support to it but just another one side is enough .... </p><p>Enjoy building ...</p>

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Bio: I am a blogger from India with photography as a hobby thing..... I am student and want to continue it..
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