Make Dat Dank Engine Yo Masco G21


Introduction: Make Dat Dank Engine Yo Masco G21

Welcome to the wonderful world of electronics!! Today you will be building an electric motor. It will use a combination of electricity and magnetism to spin magnet wire.

Materials You will need:

1 D Battery (More are optional)

2 paper clips


Magnet Wire (26 gauge recommended)


Sand Paper


Wire Cutters

Step 1: Cutting the Wire

Cut the magnet wire to at least one arms length.

Items Needed:

Magnet Wire

Wire Cutters

Step 2: Wrapping the Wire

Wrap the wire multiple times around the battery leaving both ends of the wire at equal length (close to 2 or 3 inches). This will create a perfectly round circle (coil) with the wire. Carefully slide the wire off the battery without warping the coil.

Items Needed:

Magnet Wire


Step 3: Wrapping the Wire (Continued)

Wrap the straight ends of the wire around the coil until they are the same length and directly opposite each other in relation to the coil. Again, be carefully not to warp the coil.

Items Needed:

Magnet Wire Circle (Created in last Step)

Step 4: Shave the Wire

Shave ONLY ONE of the tails of the wire down until most of the enamel (red coating) comes off and you can see the silver colored wire. Leave some enamel on the wire. DO NOT SAND AROUND THE ENTIRE WIRE. ONLY HALF OF THE WIRE.

Items Needed:

Magnet Wire Circle (created in Step 3)

Sand Paper

Step 5: Making the Frame

Bend the paperclip until it looks like the picture.

Items Needed:

2 Paperclips

Step 6: Assembling the Motor

Wrap the elastic around the battery a couple times, or until it feels tight. Then slide the paperclips between the elastic and battery facing up with the hook part at the top. Make sure the two paperclips are at either end of the battery. Place the magnet, laying flat, on top of the middle of the battery. Place the magnet wire on top of paperclips.(See images above)

Items Needed:


2 Paperclips


Magnet Wire Circle (Created in Step 3)


Step 7: Final Product

End Result:

The magnet wire circle should spin on its own.

If Its Not Spinning:

Give it a little push.

Make sure the shaved part of the wire is shaved all the way down, with only a little coating left on it.

Make sure the straight ends of the wire are dire try opposite each other.

Step 8: Improvements (Optional)

Adding more batteries will increase the charge going through the wire. We recommend a max of 3 batteries. Any more and the wire will start to spark and smoke. Even with 3 batteries, this happens if you leave the motor running for two long. Make sure the batteries are all facing the same direction and are all held together with the elastic. Use a pencil to make a rigid spine so the batteries are secure. You still only need 2 paperclips (one on each end).



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