Make Different Colored Smoke Bombs





Introduction: Make Different Colored Smoke Bombs

Today we will be making different colored smoke bombs.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
Potassium Nitrate
Baking Soda
Oil Based Crayons (only these will work)

Step 2:

First add 50% potassium nitrate to a glass jar. Then 40% sugar, and 10% baking soda. Then shake until it is mixed well.

Step 3:

Add oil based crayons on stove and let them melt. Then add 5 tablespoons of the mixture we made. Stir until it is a little clumpy.

Step 4:

Then put the mixture on a piece of paper. Add a fuse and then wrap it up. Put these inside a paper towel roll.

Step 5:

Light the fuse and then voilà your smoke bombs are perfect.



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if you are getting grey smoke its temperature thats the problem and or chimney you will only get the right colour mid temp if its too high no colour same as too low, .the exit hole is equally important has to be the right size, try a bic pen take out the ink inners insert the fuse inside it. the temp sounds like not tightly packed too loose tap the powder once rolled insert pen and fuse and seal so the only way for smoke to escape is through the pen, this is only my opinion hope it helps its not easy

I made this, but despite using red oil based crayons, my smoke was gray. Any suggestions? How many oil based crayons do you use in each smoke bomb?

I used around 4

Does produce smoke. But no color only grey and black smoke. Ive. Tried many varaitions DOES NOT WORK

It's a unsuccessful experiment..
No color obtained

Cool... but Is this smoke poisonous?? What can be used as fuse?

This is great. I have made potassium nitrate smokies before, but adding the oil based crayons is a cool addition.

Good luck finding potassium nitrate

You can buy Potassium Nitrate on Amazon and have it shipped to your house in 2 days. I bought 50lbs a few months ago.