Step 4: Iron and Pin...

Take brown panel #2 and place it right side up. Then, take striped panel #3 and place it wrong side up at the edge of the large panel. Once your edges are aligned, pin down the side about an inch and a half.

Take beige panel #4 , place it wrong side up and fold over  1/4” twice to enclose the raw edge and iron. Pin.
Very good idea. Thanks so much. <br>I love your pillows. You do beautiful work! <br>Thanks again
Thank you!
What dimensions would I use to make a 12x16 size pillow?
hi, it would be easier to cut the same sizes. Then on Step 10 make the correction - cut 1 inch stripes from left and right just before sewing all together.
This is so beautiful! The colors are so nice. I can learn something from you! Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day! <br>Sunshiine
I'll definitely have to make one. Very nice!
This is a great tutorial. :) I love the fabrics you chose!
Thanks so much, this is my first tutorial ever!

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