Introduction: Make ESP8266 Mobile With ESPiggy Battery Carrier

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The ESP8266 Wifi Module is very useful. However, it is not mobile since it does not provide a battery holder. The ESPiggy holder provides an integrated battery holder (9V battery down regulated to the correct use voltage) and a switch. It will make the ESP8266 instantly mobile. It also provide pins for connecting to a programmer (such as a FTDI TTL-232RG-VSW3V3-WE serial cable for programming). After programming, remove all the wires and let the device be free roaming.

Step 1: Get the ESPiggy Device.

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Note the orientations. It provides a 2x4 socket for receiving the 2x4 male pins. The device contains an integrated voltage regulator, a power light, two lights for GPIO0 and GPIO1 (together with current-limiting resistors). A pair of pins is provided for shorting and flashing the memory with new programs.

Step 2: Attach the ESP8266 Wifi Module to the ESPiggy

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Let the antenna point in the direction as shown. Place a battery in the battery holder, turn on the switch. You can also place pre-programmed ESP8266 module on the ESPiggy. To order the ESP8266 module, visit


seamster (author)2015-09-22

Nice and simple idea. Thanks!

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