Make Eggrolls or Wontons on your Foreman grill, sandwich maker or waffle iron

Picture of Make Eggrolls or Wontons on your Foreman grill, sandwich maker or waffle iron
You can easily make the best Eggrolls or (very large) Wontons on your Foreman grill, sandwich maker or waffle iron. They are cooked with Pam type cooking sprays and are every bit as crunchy as deep fried Eggrolls. Best of all they are custom made to your taste. First you must buy the Egg roll wraps.I found them for $2.50 for a 1 LB bag containing approx. 20 wraps at the grocery store.
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Step 1: The Ingredients

Picture of The Ingredients
We bought an order of chow mein at Panda Express and fried up some cabbage, sausage, mushrooms and bean sprouts and a can of water chestnuts together on the stove.

Step 2: Dip the wraps

Picture of Dip the wraps
We dip our wraps in a dish of egg. Not really necessary but helps the wrap stick together when folded.

Step 3: Stuffing The Wrap

Picture of Stuffing The Wrap
Spray the grill with non-stick cooking spray and place the egg roll wrap on your grill and fill it with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of your choice filling. Fold the wrap in half and then fold the edges over to help seal it. This style grill makes 4 triangular shaped eggrolls. Load each triangle pocket seperately. Close the grill and cook till the light indicates done or about 5 minutes depending on your sandwich grill.

Step 4: Triangular Grills

Picture of Triangular Grills
Here is what the triangular sandwich grills produce. There is 4 eggroll shown. Typically this grill would have made triangular sandwhiches from slices of bread. Instead of 4 slices of bread we have used 4 eggroll wrappers. They are extremely crunchy and steaming hot inside. Be careful no to overstuff or the juices will flow outside the grill as shown.

Step 5: Foreman Type Grills

Picture of Foreman Type Grills
This is the Foreman type grill. These are shown half cooked. Afte cooking on one side rotate each eggroll 180 degrees and cook for another 3-5 minutes and they will appear more Roll like and be 360 degree browned and crunchy.
suayres4 years ago
Very clever! And a lot healthier than deep-fat-fried egg rolls. Thanks so much for this creative instructable. I will definitely be using this one!
toogers4 years ago
very nice! this would make a god breakfast if it were made with things like cheese, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, etc.
Amiga5005 years ago
Very clever, and something else to try with my beat up but beloved sandwich maker.  You can also use a sandwich maker to make quesadillas, with a tortilla folded in half.
vmod325 years ago
Mmmmm, this looks good and is a simple great idea. I think I'm going to make some lo-mein stuffed super egg rolls tonight! I'm going to order takeout pork lo-mein, then I'll cook up some mushrooms, cabbage, bean sprouts and even some shelled edamame to add to the lo-mein. Wrap it up and cook it in the sandwich maker. I'll have to take some pictures and let you know how it turns out. Now I'm exited... to the grocery store on my lunch break...........
Well done. Thanks for sharing. (Now I really want to see what your Scooby doo waffles look like-way cool, I've never heard of such a thing.)