Make Emergency Homemade Spare Key With TicTac Bottle or Credit Card in 2 Minutes





Introduction: Make Emergency Homemade Spare Key With TicTac Bottle or Credit Card in 2 Minutes

Make a Key in minutes By using Expired Debit Or Credit bank card or any similar type cards or an Empty Tic tac mints plastic container we can make emergency spare key for lock, The resulted key can be used up to 10 times because its not metal it will bend so make it in less than 4 mins and keep in your wallet and use i an forgotten or an emergency situation.It is the most Usefull and easiest life hack using plastic bottle or a card.

Tictac container

unused gift or expired cards

Clear tape and a

lighter or a candle

Step 1: Take the Necessary Things

take empty tictac bottle or unused bank card or any other similar cards and take the original key and lighter or a candle and now we get into our work

Step 2: Smoke One Side of the Key

use lighter and flame one side of the key smoke accumulates on the surface of the key now place key aside and let it cool down

Step 3: Make the Trace of Key

By using the clear tape stick it on the smoky side of the key and the print of the key transfer to the gummy surface of the that means smoke particles sticks to tape and it gives clear print of the key

Step 4: Sticking Tape on Card and Cutting

Stick the tape on the card and by using the scissor cut it exactly take time for exact cutting if you are not good at cutting after cutting your key is ready

Step 5: About Key

In the above picture you can see the cut portion of key matched to the original key so cut softly and exactly

Step 6: Using Tictac Mint Container

I made similar spare key with tic tac bottle in the same way

Step 7: Test

After making test them they will work , after making several keys i got to know they will work up 10 to 15 times because they are plastic they will bend but even though it is cheap home made trick to copy key and use them in emergency situation make it and keep it in your pocket it will be useful at any time

Thank you

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    I don't think it would work on newer cars because my car doesn't have a key hole in it and I want to be able to use it for the ignition because they condition would recognize something foreign and it would not work

    I don't think it worked on newer cars

    Cool Idea.

    i reckon keeping a lockpicking tension wrench with any of these copies would be a good idea, put the workload on the wrench instead of the flimsy key

    The point in not spending your $2 at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc., etc. is to be able to make a spare key in a pinch or emergency. Better yet, if you are someone who happens to misplace your keys often, this is a fantastic idea. I like this primarily because the keys are not made by a metal, which therefore cannot be detected. Very cool instructable!

    This is a whole lot of work for nothing. You can have a key made at any big box store (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards) or hardware store for under $2. Why waste the time making one?

    for those who are stating plastic key issues i made another instructable on making metal key please do watch it and i m thinking they will have less issues

    I think that what you "save" on this might get pretty expencive if this breaks in your lock....

    Yeah! good point!