Make FIDGET SPINNER at Home Without Bearings





Introduction: Make FIDGET SPINNER at Home Without Bearings

Hello guys in this instructable i made a fidget spinner without using the bearings it is very easy to make because all the materials needed is found in and around home

Step 1: Gathering Materials

  • 10x2 cm cardboard is cut which will be the body of fidget spinner
  • Mid point is marked
  • From the mid point to the edge 2 points at a distance of 1.5cm is marked(place to hold the weight)

Step 2: This Video Will Help You If You Didn't Understand Any Measurements

Hope you will find it easier if you watch the video.Continue reading

Step 3: Building Phase 1

  • Marked point is enlarged
  • 1cm radius is marked on compass and cover plate is made

Step 4: Building Phase 2

  • On one of the disc hole is made and Toothpic is Inserted
  • Now that toothpic is inserted in Fidget spinner body
  • All Balls are placed inside the slots
  • Fidget spinner is ready for action



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    Great design. Something that any kid could make. Thanks for sharing.

    You are welcome..