Make Fake Edible Halloween Blood.





Introduction: Make Fake Edible Halloween Blood.

Whats halloween without fake blood..? Werewolfs, zombies and vampires, you cant have a good costume without some good fake blood.
This is the recipe I use for edible fake blood.
You can use it on your fake zombie bites or vampire fangs or just decorate your wall to make it look like a murder scene..!
You could also splash it over some sweets or buns and stuff so that your trick or treaters get a fright..
And its pretty nice tasting to so you could just use it as a drink or in your halloween cooking..:)

Step 1: Make Fake Edible Halloween Blood.

Unless your local store has been taken over by mindless zombies these are pretty easy to find.
-golden syrup
-chocolate syrup
-red food colouring
-blue food colouring
-green food colouring

Step 2: Make Fake Edible Halloween Blood.

Take one part golden syrup (I used my trusty shot glass to measure) and mix it with 3 parts water.
Make sure that its well mixed.

Step 3: Add the Colour.

Add the red food colouring to get the desired shade you want.
Remember that arterial blood is bright red and venous blood is a darker more purple blood.
Add green or blue to get a darker shade of blood.
Dont add to much blue because if it goes purple im pretty sure you cant go back so you'll have to start again.

Step 4: Thicken the Blood

So at this stage the blood is pretty thin and for your fake blood to be realistic. It cant be to thick (unless you want it as a paste) and it cant be to thin.
Try to get it somwhere in the middle..:)
Add the chocolate syrup to thickin up the blood.
This also adds flavour so use as much as you want. But again get it somewhere in the middle.

Step 5: Finished Blood.

So once you have the blood to the thickness and colour you want your done.:) Its safe for kids too because its edible and actually tastes pretty nice.
You can use it for anything you want
-decorate the house
-fake blood for costumes
-and for stage blood or pictures just make the blood alot brighter because it wont look the same shade on camera..



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    I think I'll try the maple syrup because I already have it. I've heard some use corn syrup. Cool idea.

    1 reply

    Can this be put in the refrigerator over night?

    Can this be put in the refrigerator over night?

    Does it dry, or stay sticky and wet? How's the color after drying?

    I don't think I can find golden syrup. Where did you get it?

    2 replies

    You can use light corn syrup. Just adjust your food coloring

    Its popular here.:) Try maple syrup.? That should be pretty similar.? Let me know how it turns out!! :)

    Im not sure.? experiment with different things and let me no how it turns out.

    Nice easy recipe and it ended up looking so real! Good point about photos at the end there.

    1 reply

    Tiny bits of the chocolate syrup mock erythrocyte clumping... Brilliant!

    1 reply

    Mmm... I smell a recipe for screams and scares! Do you have to use the golden syrup? I am assuming it is just your ordinary bottle of syrup.

    1 reply

    im pretty sure your normal syrup would work to? go for it and let me know how it turns out.!! :)