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The reason Firefox is so popular is not because of its already good browsing capabilities, it is because of the add ons available for it, that make the browser an extension of you. Wow. That last sentence was awesome how I worded that, wasn't it? Like inspiring, or something... Anyway, these are the add ons that I felt amplified my browsing experience.

Step 1: Let's Start Out With the Essentials, Shall We?

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alright, as the title said, these are little add ons that anyone with firefox should have, no matter how unfun and uptight you are. These include: WOT (web of trust), Ad Block Plus, and... that's it.

WOT tells you how safe those sites you visit are. It takes up no room at all. It is a green circle at best, and the more unsafe a site is, the closer it goes to the color red. If a site is code red, it will warn you of this before you enter the site.

Ad Block Plus disables most ads, and if it misses any, all you have to do is right click the ad and select the Ad Block Plus and disable it forever!

Step 2: Customize the LOOKS

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Alright, this area of the tutorial tell you how to make your Firefox just snazzy (yes, I used the word snazzy). This Includes:

1. tab effect- this adds a nice effect to Firefox when it switches tabs. Not a necessity, but a cool thing to have.

2. Stylish- with scripts from, make the internet world the way YOU want it! You just download styles from the website, and basically, the website is transformed! (do not worry, these changes are reversible).

3. Fierr- Well, when you find your browser cannot connect to a webpage, you are mad, right? Well, now with Fierr, you do it in style! this add on transforms the failure to connect page to a perdyer one.

Step 3: Just Plain Useful

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first on the list of useful stuff is...

Speed Dial- this opens up a screen of your 9 most favorite websites and puts it as your home page. Click on any one to go there. Now you don't have to choose!

Greasemonkey- Look, I cannot explain this one... the possibilities are endless... you get a script, it does something. They make new ones about every day. They are mostly used to alter web pages to a more convenient after product.

Imacros- records actions such as logins or traveling to websites for you, so you never have to do
repetitive work ever again.

Stealther- use a library computer and don't want some librarian to look what you did? Use Stealther! It covers up what you did while you were on! (this is no doubt misused to look things up that you shouldn't be...)

Interclue- shows you a picture of the page you're going to so you don't waste your time!

Repagination- this makes all results on a search engine on one freakin' single page! FINALLY!

Screengrab- save a part of, or an entire page as an image.

All in one gestures- draw on your screen to make firefox do stuff such as saving webpages, going back in history, reloading a page, ect.

Hyperwords- gives definitions, translations, and a thesaurus for any word you highlight!

Forecast Fox- gives you a forecast (I would never have guessed!)

Cooliris- look for images and movies in 3d hyperspeed!

Step 4: Last One

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STUMBLE UPON! my favorite! look up random stuff. This thing give you a random page depending on interests you selected. You then say if you like the page or not, and it LEARNS what you like. Great for boredom. Do yourself a favor and select humor as a like!

Step 5: Hope It Helped!

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I will look for more add ons everyday, and if you find one, PM me!


johnpoole (author)2011-05-21

killer writing style.. and your right, firefox allows you control as opposed to mr gates attempts to make one size fits all.. explorer is a great browser for my great grand mother. LINUX and Firefox takes a few minutes to customize, but as you've documented, well worth the time spent.

bobbubbles (author)2011-01-05

stumble upon is awesome!!

Bullet Proof (author)2009-05-17

Thanks, great Instructable, love the Interclue and all-in-one gestures (although the link is broken to all-in-one gestures).

Robertwan (author)2009-04-20

Cooliris is epic.

lukethebook333 (author)2009-01-25

Great Job! Some good info. Screenies would be nice though ;)

King825 (author)lukethebook3332009-01-28

I may include screenshots at some point, but I'm not sure it is worth all that time, when it won't really help all that much.

TheDeviant13 (author)King8252009-04-20

firebug is a really neat HTML editor and viewer

aphrael (author)2009-01-26

I also love ubiquity, you can find that one at mozilla labs. It's awesome, you can just highlight anything on a page and instantly get a map, definition, translation or even email it with just typing a few words...

King825 (author)aphrael2009-01-28

Hyperwords is similar, try it.

King825 (author)2009-01-25

It took me forever to copy and paste all those links.

ironsmiter (author)2009-01-22

Porn makes the internet go round.
Pornzilla makes it go round just a little bit faster.

Thankfully, even surfers NOT into "that" corner of the web can benifit from some of the collected add-ons there.
In particular, "For numbered pages or images: increment and decrement (change last number in URL by 1)" is pretty useful for any site that names pages numerically. eg. On-line comic strips..other instruction sites(with page names like casting01.htm, casting02.htm...). also of note, as a bookmarklet, this add-on also works in IE, Opera, etc.
spiderzilla - Download entire web sites. is pretty nice also(even though i prefer the Scrapbook extention myself)
And finally, I highly recomend "Launchy - Open links to video files in an external player, streaming" combined with VLC.

Finally, for piece of mind, I'd also point to "Uncheck "Show the Downloads window when download a file" in Options > Main. This way, the Downloads window won't pop up every time you save an image" as that particular behavior(curretly marked by mozilla as "will never be fixed") really irks me.

King825 (author)ironsmiter2009-01-24

guess what. WOT and that crud will fight to the death, and overall, I don't like viruses. Not added to the instructable. I may try out spiderzilla though... but I'm not going to reccomend it because it is not on firefox addons website, and is therefore rendered dangerous.

ironsmiter (author)King8252009-01-24

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith.... but for those without...
Though "Last developed on" dates for both are sorta old. If they work, great, if not, be forewarned it's probably a "new firefox version" issue.
MPC add-on is great, in my mind, as it lets me do silly things like pipe streams to VLC or some external flash player instead of playing it back in-browser, with the sites enforced control limits(there are legitimate reasons, aren't there? Streaming Hulu to my network connected TV can't be the only reason).

With the Increment and Decrement bookmarklettes... It's fairly simple Javascript. If you know anyone that does any programming, they can put your mind to rest as to them not being viruses(or even likely to lead you into a virus) I probably should have linked to The home bookmarklette site and individual Firefox extentions, instead of the pornzilla site. Less likely to make people run in fear to their virus scanner, and a bit more kiddie friendly(though if they're on the internet, odds are they already have seen more porn than you could shake a stick at)
Mea culpa

Supergratz on finding the Speeddial extention. That was one BIG item that I thought Opera HAD over firefox in terms of useability

King825 (author)2009-01-22

I'm sorry, I had to do a rush job on this. It will be modified, trust me.

odiekokee (author)2009-01-22

Maybe give bulleted or numbered lists a try?

atombomb1945 (author)2009-01-22

Would be nice to have links for each of these, or at least some information about where to get these at.

Bongmaster (author)2009-01-21

a bit too many firefox logos and not enough screenies XD

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