Make Food Clips From Plastic Hangers





Introduction: Make Food Clips From Plastic Hangers

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You know those cheap plastic hangers you get when you buy clothes from department stores? You can recycle them by making food clips

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1) Plastic hanger from the department store

2) Dremel tool with cut-off wheel

Step 2: Instructions

1) Cut the clip end away from the hanger using a dremel and cut-off wheel

Be sure to wear eye protection

Step 3: Ta Da --- Food Clips



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    4 Discussions

    That's a great idea, but the stores in my locale purposely remove the hangers at sale time and simply bag the purchase.

    3 replies

    Oh that's a bummer... At one of my local stores I can go in and ask for the hangers without buying anything. Last time they gave me 15 hangers :)

    I think it depends on just how well the store does, managers can show superiors their cost- cutting methods with little gimmicks like that. ☺