Introduction: Make LoomBands Out of Water Balloons!

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Don’t you just hate buying useless stuff at the shops, when you can make it yourself? Here’s a short tutorial of how to make Loom Bands® for free!


Step 1: Grab Your Stuff

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-Lots of water balloons (the tiny 3 cm ones).

-A bendy stick (a lollipop stick would be ideal).

Step 2: Where Do You Live?

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Yes, that's all. If you live in a place where they hold a carnival (with water balloons and hoses), you should be able to find a sufficient amount of burst water balloons out on the street. You will only be needing the lip of the balloon, so don't worry if the balloons have holes.

Step 3: Start Er' Up

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Bend your stick, now grab your lollipop stick and place the first loop onto it like so:

Step 4: Keep Er' Going

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Next add a second balloon tip with a single twist, but now lift the edges of the bottom balloon tip up and over the edge of the lollipop stick like this:

Step 5: Make Some More

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You may now continue this process until you have a large amount of loom bands®.

Step 6: Bracelet?

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To make a bracelet, carefully remove the whole loom project off the lollipop stick, and tie both ends up with some cotton wool or any other suitable string.

Step 7: All Done!

You are now a loomband maker master! Challenge your friends... Who can make the longest?


seamster (author)2015-03-10

Very clever use for old balloons. Nice work!

JudeM1 (author)2015-03-10

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