Picture of Make Fun Fur Three Fingered Winter Gloves
Did you ever want to make tiny fur gloves for your child or some warm winter furry mittens for yourself, or even some gloves to accompany your mascot suit? Fret no more! Using my expertise in everything, I will show you exactly what to do!

Take notice that before making these gloves, I have never sewn before (it's quite simple, really) and I haven't really ever done any crafts with fabric before. I guess I have this skill because I work at an arts and crafts store. Lol.

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Step 1: Things you'll need

Picture of Things you'll need
Things you'll need:

* Fabric (fun fur of your choice)
Paper (optional: thick artist paper)
Pen, pencil or marker
Scissors or exacto knife (scissors are not recommended for most types of furs)
Thread with similar color to your fabric
Sewing needle
Small pins
Leather padding (completely optional)
Super glue (if you have trouble with sewing)
Surface you can cut on (if you need to use the exacto knife, of course)
Vacuum (depending on the fur that you have, it can get quite messy)

* When choosing the fur, make sure you pick something that will be comfortable and warm to wear for hours. You don't want anything too itchy. I was lucky to find a piece of fabric that had a sort of thick velour inside of it. Also, ask for .3 meters of your fabric, or when choosing your fabric, make sure you can fit a whole hand at least 6 or 8 times with some space in between.
Brookibear3 years ago
i love them but would you line the inside with something to be warm
grannyjones4 years ago
I have successfully cut fun fur (and real) using scissors.
Small ones with very thin blades.
It helps to comb the fur away from the cut line and only cut the backing/leather.
Slow and steady--it does not pay to rush.
Jobar0074 years ago
For cutting the fur part, I would recommend that you only use an exacto knife because using scissors will damage the fur around the seam and make it harder to hide. Also, if using real fur, make you cut in multiple, shallow passes as you cut through the leather part of the hide.

Awesome idea by the way, I think that I may have some new fur mittens on the horizon now!
cameraguy (author)  Jobar0074 years ago
Thank you for your insight. I've never done any crafts like this before and I thought I'd share this idea with everyone else.