I have been making masks for several years, and only last year, being on a more stringent budget, I decided to use cardboard for the major part of the masks I had been making. It is such a flexible material in terms of usage, and it's free! I just go to the grocery store at 5am, and the night crew is finishing up with their stocking so am able to get all the cardboard I want. I keep my eyes open as I drive around and usually find cardboard of all kinds just lying on the ground by stores that have opened their boxes and not disposed of them yet. For this instructable, I will make a Swami, but please look at the other pictures in this step.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

All the usual arts and craft tools, scissors, craft knife, ruler, paint, pencils, etc. Some construction paper is used for various parts of the face: eyes, nose, mouth, etc. And of course, one of my favorite materials: Cardboard!
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fantastic, clear and inspiring instructions, I can't wait to try
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Wow! what a great instructable!
Thanks antqnut...Cman
I especially like the chef guy! good luck in the contest! :P
A little blue fuzzy garden bird sent me your way to look at these, they are very impressive. You are indeed a man of many talents.
Thank you sir...but I can't cook prime rib! Cman
Well you can now, just follow the instructions
Very interesting you have a good talent
i love the green lion i am gonna try and make it
Had to come back for another look I really admire what you have done here. I will be back to give you a vote when it is time.
Awesome masks!
Thanks ChrysN! Cman
WOW! CMan these are fabulous, what a talent. They are all so neat it would be hard to pick a favorite. Love the Tiger and Giraffe, the Pirate is so cool. I like them all! Big 5 for you!
Thank you! Cman

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Bio: Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do.
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