Make Funny Sentences Game


Introduction: Make Funny Sentences Game

About: My name is Rockz rockyq and i am 16 years old

Hey Guys This is a very funny game 4 years upto people can play this game you must play this game i will give instructions only 2, 3, 4 players can play this game

Step 1: Things That You Need for This Game and Instructions


1.A4 size Paper

2.Pen or pencil


first take a paper and pencil and make 3 lines and write < Name, When(Time) What(Verb) With whom >

and 1 person write then fold and 2 person write and then fold but and do the same method and in the last step all four is complete then open the full page and see the funny sentences



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    Cool! I'm going to try it out with my 4 to 7 year old grandchildren and think we are going to have a great time doing it. Thanks for sharing.

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    thx for commenting and liking

    ok just write name like (name) tomv4 (When) midnight (what verb) singing (with whom) michael jackson this is the sentence like this. you've write the (name) then fold it and your friend write (when) then fold it and you write (What Verb) then fold your friend write ((With Whom) then fold and finally open the whole page the sentence will be ready I Have Enjoyed!! if u have enjoyed plz vote