Make GIF Animations in Photoshop





Introduction: Make GIF Animations in Photoshop

Many people do not know how to do this. Its very simple and fun.



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    where did you get the youtube intro? p.s. I am a HUGE fan of photoshop and you have tought me some really cool tricks with your instructables, keep up the good work (i have CS4)

    thanks! I just searched for a video that had it and then I went to and pasted the URL and downloaded the video and then just edited the intro out.

    thanks, i will go try to find it.

    can you add this gif to messenger?

    sure you can have it as your buddy icon or make an emoticon just for sending. you can treat it as any other GIF you would find on the internet.

    wow i never knew it was that easy p.s. how old are you

    Yes it is very easy but it only works on recent versions of photoshop (I have CS3) And I'm 13.

    i wounder if this will work on gimp

    Just so you know, instead of dragging the layer down to the new layer button each time, CTRL-J will make a duplicate of the layer you've selected.

    yeah I know but I did it for the tutorial