Gir is one of my favorite characters of all time! It doesn't matter if it's the worst sidekick ever, but "Invader Zim" wouldn't be the same without this burritos lover and mayhem maker.

I always wanted to build a Gir. Maybe one day I will make it with trash. But first, I built it using 123D Design and the Objet Connex 500 3D printer.I wanted to experiment with some character development, trying to design a statue the most similar possible to the real one.

At end, I printed two Girs: a bigger one (made with VeroWhite and TangoBlack) and a smaller one (made with VeroClear and VeroBlue). And I found two interesting tips about materials:

1. See the big one. The "zebra" coloration is not a Photoshop alteration or a problem with the lights. It happened because I choose the automatic mode in Objet Studio, that allows the 3D printer to manage the materials for completing the print. There was a small amount of VeroWhite and enough TangoBlack, so Gir was printed on diferent materials layers.

2. The smaller one: The 3D printer gives you two finish options: Mate and Glossy. I chose Glossy. But there is a problem: a glossy finish only works on simple proyotypes that have only a thin and uniform support material layer. On uneven pieces, where complete parts are covered with support material, the ultraviolet light won't cure uniformly the piece's surface, so at end, you will have a piece with glossy patches and mate patches. Then you will have to polish or use sand paper.

This design is not so complicated. Even, you can try to do it on the 123D Design app for iPad.


Step 1: Legs

For the legs, I used two cones, using non-uniform scale for modifying the height.
Objet Connex 500 printer ola donde esta la impresora . gracias
Aw nuts.
Awesomeness as usual keep it up. I love all your instructables.
Thank you Moldypizza!

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