Step 1: Part 1

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I had to break up the video into 3 segments because YouTube doesn't like to upload things longer than 4 minutes.

When you make beads for the first time, they should be pretty small. When glass cools in the air, it builds up stress and may break (if the bead is too big)! Professional bead makers immediately put there hot beads into kilns where they are slowly cooled over several hours. You probably will not have access to such a kiln, so your first beads will have to cool in air. If you really like making beads and you want to make larger ones, get some vermiculate from any gardening store. The vermiculite is in a fine pellet form, so put your still hot beads in a dish of it such that it cools slower (the vermiculate insulates the beads, so it cool slower and introduces less stress into the bead)

Ok, the basic steps are:
-Take 2 shards of glass, and melt them together at the tips.
-Stretch out the melted part into a thin rod of glass.
-Get a bicycle spoke, cover one end of it with bead release/plaster.
-Heat the spoke until it glows red hot
-Wrap the spoke with the thin glass rod you just made.
-Heat the new bead such that it gets smooth and rounded.
-Let it  cool
-Pull it off the spoke and wash the clay off of it.

The torch in this video is just a plain old propane plumbers torch.
The glass is from a busted vodka bottle.
The clay is from a specialty store, but you can use plaster of paris instead.

paqrat5 years ago
I believe I read somewhere that you want to use same type of glass. Apparently different types of glass may cool at different rates which isn't good for glass.
nepheron (author)  paqrat5 years ago
Yes, it's very important that you don't mix different 'brands' of glass. The resulting contraction when the glass cools often causes a fracture.
mzamudio5 years ago
how long do you have to heat the glass before it starts melfting?
nepheron (author)  mzamudio5 years ago
 20 seconds? It's pretty fast.
SewSassy15 years ago

I think I could do this with a little practice.  thanks

strmrnnr5 years ago
You have some pretty heat proof fingers there buddy!

I don't think I could have last more then a couple seconds after the heat started to come through.
Risque5 years ago
 That is so awesome, thanks for posting it ^^