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jimmiek5 years ago
I used to do lampworking/flameworking making animals, fish, etc. many, many moons ago (before the Cheap stuff came in from overseas and broke me) , you've inspired me to get off my duff and start experimenting with it again, it sounds like it's making a comeback, (I still have my torch and some other tools). When we made beads back then, you could just use baling or tie wire, let the bead cool a bit, stretch the wire while it was still red hot, and the bead would slide off ..... no releases or plasters ..... things change!
Nice instructable for recycling the colored glass, Thanks!!
nepheron (author)  jimmiek5 years ago
Please explain the whole bail wire thing. It sounds fascinating! I've never in my life heard of that before!!!
How did you stretch the wire? Did you have to stretch it far?

It is very important to keep methods from dying.
Certain glassworking skills have been forgotten over the eons, and this may be one of them. I like collect these methods and keep them alive. Pass on the knowledge!
Thank you!!!!!!!!
Just use any cheap wire you can get at a hardware or farm store, except make sure it's not galvanized because heating zinc is a good way to poison yourself.

When it's red hot, you can pull on the ends to stretch it.
I have a hard time finding glass beads with large holes for stringing on leather cord. I've often joked that I may have to learn to make my own beads just so I can find some I like with the right size holes--now I will know how to do it!
Yes, large hole beads can be hard to find...
You might have some success (if you don't get around to making your own!)
by searching for Troll, Pandora, or Biagi beads, or their knockoffs.
(they're specifically made large hole beads, the holes go from 3.5 mm to 5 mm, fits on most cording & chain,
Good Luck!

Thank you for the advice! I will look for those.
mjursic5 years ago
Nice!  Now supposing you wanted to adhere the glass to the spoke.  Would there be a problem with expansion differences?  Would it adhere?  I guess I could try, but I wonder if you already have?
vadios5 years ago
Interesting but very tedious work with glass.