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Introduction: Make Gloves for Yourself

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In this instructable I will show you you how to make a pair of gloves, these gloves can be used for just about anything, they can also be used as glove liners!

You will need:

Spandex (or some other stretchy material)



Sewing machine (you could hand sew these but it would take a while)

Step 1: Getting the Right Size

First, lay out two layers of the fabric you are going to use, I used the sleeve of an old under armor shirt. Then, trace your hand with a marker onto the fabric (If your fabric is black then you may want to use a red or silver marker so it will show up).

Step 2: Sewing the Glove

Now once you've traced your hand sew along the lines, Then see if your glove fits, you may have to make a few adjustments see the pictures for more.

Step 3: Cutting Out Your Gloves

Now just cut out the webbing, leave about 1/8 in. of fabric so the seems don't come undone. Next, turn your glove inside out, Then you're finished! (except you need to make one more glove)

Step 4: The Finished Product

Here are some pictures of what the glove (should) look like. Enjoy!

Ask If you have any questions



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Very cool!

This site gives many nice things to try... I just want to sew a glove to use after parking in and the steering wheel is too hot to touch. It is very interesting to know what I could make to pass the time.. Thanks for creating "Instructables"!

thanks so much man . you helped me so much .

Just stumbled on this site. Haven't look too deep into it though. It has some patterns intended for leather, but may not be the style your looking for.

Thank you so much. That´s just what I need rigth now!!

This looks really good. I'm modifying a Captain America costume and I will definitely use this for the gloves. Thanks, man!

You could make 4 gloves (2 for each hand) but keep one pair just cut (not turned inside out). Then pull the other pair (turned inside out like done in the instructable) on over the other ones and attach them to each other. This way, there wouldnt be a seam on the inside.

Great instructable btw

Thank you I may do that to make them more comfortable.

Something beautiful, and I benefited from this work
Thanks and forward

What sort of thread did you use? Just normal thread or anything with a little stretch to it? :-D Can I use cotton thread?